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Hot Chocolate at Lisa's Radial Cafe in Omaha, NE

After my daughter and her friend walked in Omaha Fashion Week in early March, we grabbed breakfast the next morning at Lisa’s Radial Cafe before driving back to… 33 more words


far from any road

I’ve been revisited today by memories from many years ago. First, a bartender from my first ever Atlanta job came into my current one, and we had a weird catch up moment in the store, clutching a bottle of windex and a celery soda. 1,566 more words

Grant County

Grant county was named after president Ulysses S. Grant. Long ago the county located in the sandhills of Nebraska was a great hideaway spot for outlaws and fugitives. 17 more words

Snow Geese

After we left the Audubon Sanctuary we decided to try and track down a flock of snow geese that had been hanging around a lake an hour or so from where we were.   358 more words

DNF - Are You Serious? (GC2Q1WE)

Unfortunately, not all geocaching searches end up successfully. Sometimes this is due to the cache being removed by someone not initiated into geocaching (AKA a Muggle), and sometimes it’s just because the CO is very crafty in disguising the location of his/her cache. 386 more words


Tommy Lee Jones, Hilary Swank Try To Escape Nebraska In New Film

I know many of my South Dakota friends got a shot of adrenaline from the above headline.

“Who isn’t trying to escape Nebraska?”

Others may be excited at the thought of Tommy Lee Jones playing an older Snake Plissken (you know, from “Escape from New York”) in a dystopian future where Nebraska is an industrial wasteland. 164 more words