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APOD: The Horsehead Nebula from Blue to Infrared (2014 Jul 28)

APOD: The Horsehead Nebula from Blue to Infrared (2014 Jul 28)
Image Credit & Copyright: Optical: Aldo Mottino & Carlos Colazo,
OAC, Córdoba; Infrared: Hubble Legacy Archive… 178 more words

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Review

In an effort to both raise awareness and put out more content prior to the release of Marvel’s most questionable property, Guardians of the Galaxy, a series of prelude comics were published prior to the films release. 729 more words


Messier 20, Trifid Nebula - First Attempt

Frames : 8 x L x 3min , 4 x R x 5min, 4 x G x 5min, 1 x B x 5 min (duplicated x3), 8 x Ha x 10min)


The secrets in our skies

Since humankind first learnt how to stand upright, we have craned our necks upwards and wondered what secrets lay beyond the lights in our skies. Thanks to famous astrophysicists such as Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Edwin Hubble, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and many others; we have a better understanding of the greater workings of our Universe than we ever have before, and our knowledge of the vast cosmos grows with every day. 366 more words

Inaugural Post - My Lunar Obsession

This might sound a little weird but I’m mildly obsessed with the moon.  I mean, I don’t take personal stock in the idea that moon phases hold any sort of bearing on my day-to-day life and I’m not really into astrology.  832 more words


We Are All Made of Stars

I have a bruise on my knee and I kinda like it. It’s actually a really pretty shade. It’s like a little nebula, and I’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to capture its beauty on my iPhone – unsuccessfully. 72 more words

Crescent Nebula

Frames : 7 x Ha x 12 min, 8 x OIII x 15 min

Palette mix : R = 0.9*Ha+0.1*OIII, G =0.1*Ha+0.9*OIII, B = OIII)