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College Follow Up

As the deadline for early applications is approaching, many students cannot stop talking about college and ALL the stuff that we have to do to apply. 123 more words


'Aramark got that place on lock'

Hey —,

Yes, I’m in good spirits and good health. Time seems to be flying by, feels like I just got here yesterday. Yes, I know I made the right decision to accept the plea. 213 more words

Arbitrary C.O.s

Getting into College

Being a high school senior, I realize a day does not go by without serious contemplation about the future and college. Our whole high schools lives matter in the process. 278 more words


The Life of a College Student

After more research, I tried to find more info about religion in a students’ life. I found this chart on the life of a college student and thought it was interesting. 36 more words


Students and Religion

I had wanted to find some charts on how many students are religious and how much time per day the average student spends on religion; however, I could find no such survey with a Google search. 140 more words


A Follow- Up on the "Absolute" for Success.

This is just a follow up of my last post regarding the education and intelligence of today versus the past. This article poses the question, “Were people smarter in the 50’s?”. 60 more words


The "Absolute" for Success: College Education

Today, if somebody doesn’t go to college, people ask, “Why?” and immediate think differently of them. In today’s society, if you want to do anything in life, college is the answer. 161 more words