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Alman Çeşmesi

Alman Çeşmesi is a styled fountain in Sultanahmet Square. It was constructed to commemorate the second anniversary of Wilhelm II’s visit to Istanbul in 1898. It was built in Germany, then transported piece by piece and assembled in its current site in 1900. 122 more words


An utter mess...

With all these small projects I have going, you know… the photo collection, my dads boxes, DVD project and collection all sorts of stuff in boxes for my neighbour to have a look, before I get rid of them, my house is in shambles. 238 more words


necessities: 11/18

hey peeeps,

This week has me thinking about something i’ve been wanting to do called “Necessities” which is basically my version of what everyone should try to do this week from the super specific to the very random and vague. 385 more words


Menswear in Turkey - Kiğılı

Kiğılı is one of Turkey’s most successful and established names in menswear. The owner, Abdullah Kiğılı opened his first store in 1969.

The brand has expanded to some 180 stores located throughout Turkey and 10 Kiğılı stores in surrounding countries. 108 more words


Winter Necessities

During the winter, no scarf can block out the cold things in the world like how you’re able to do.

No sweater, no matter how big and comfy, can keep me comfortable the way you’re able to. 42 more words


İstanbul Boğazı

The fishermen and their cats…

The Bosporus is a strait, which forms the boundary between the European part of Turkey and its Asian part. It connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.  55 more words


Mevlevi Sema ceremony

Galata Mevlevihanesi (est. 1491) Müzesi

The Mevleviye is an ascetic Sufi order founded in 1273 in Konya, gradually spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. Today, the Mevleviye can be found in many Turkish communities throughout the world, but the most active and famous centres of the order’s activity are in Konya and Istanbul. 303 more words