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A Side of the Neck Too Painful to Touch: Another Tool in the Toolbox

I went on a mission to look for an article to assist me with patients that have neck pain, radicular symptoms into the arms, and hypersensitivity to touch.   465 more words


What is the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

Looking for the best pillow for neck pain problems? We've created a really good comparison for you. Check the best neck pain pillows out there in our site!


Neck Care Tips For a More Beautiful & Not Dark

NECK may be a sign of our beauty if treated properly. The reason for this, just another body part more often get extra attention.

Yes, our necks often become one of the most neglected part. 361 more words


Nikolai and Astrid: Midnight Rapture

As a burgundy mane of curls envelops her alabaster skin
Nikolai whisks her up in his arms and feels her frigid flesh against his
He is shocked by the chilly sensation… 543 more words