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The Right Neckline - Flattering Decolletage How-to ❤

Today’s right for you is all about necklines! Often times a neglected consideration when shopping for fancier dresses or even the basic tees, the right neckline can do wonders for enhancing your features as it affects not only your face, neck, decolletage, and even your hips! 504 more words


Put Your Neck on the Line

I’ve got a thing about necklines. It’s a relatively new obsession which peeked when I trained as a stylist. As a teenager I had a thing about my bottom and shopped for it over and above any other part of my body. 760 more words

Different Wedding Dress Necklines

Exhilarating. That’s the word to describe our search for the right wedding dress. The collection makes us swoon with amusement and excitement. Different types of cloth, style and cuts hypnotize us, making us breathless once in a while. 234 more words


It’s All About the Neckline...

There are so many styles of wedding dress available to you and it can all be a bit mind-boggling, can’t it?  Well, never fear! I have put together some useful information on the different types of necklines available to you. 216 more words

Read Between the Lines

Let’s talk lines,necklines. You see, not every body type can wear every neckline. Your dream dress might be more of a nightmare!

Boat neck/ Off the Shoulder… 384 more words

Ten Dos and Don'ts of Weddings

1) Dress as the invitation and location suggest. So if it’s a wedding on the beach and asks for relaxed attire, break out the sandals. On the other hand, if it is a church wedding, strap on the heels and the formal attire. 335 more words


Neck to Neck

This is probably one if the best things I have learned. Necklines. The silent soldiers that will really go the extra mile for you. But which ones to pick. 294 more words