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Bird - 4

dirty, grey-white feathers engulf bulky bodies, curved wings flap in unison, necks outstretched; two geese fly across the road and wheel around the hill

© Freya Pickard 2014

Freya Pickard

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Perfection In Destin
Perhaps you think we are sticking our necks out just a little to use the title of Perfection in Destin. We may be. 23 more words

Taxidermy photobombs of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Visiting relatives in Texas, just like last spring. Very distant relatives. And this happened:

Here’s the culprit, with his sidekicks Monorail Badger, Trashbag Tortoise, and Kas-Tor, Last Beaver of Krypton. 26 more words


Turkey Neck Gumbo with Okra

Recipe from Chichi Wang on Serious Eats. Serves 6.

Turkey Recipes

Get your relative-lengths-of-sauropod-necks T-shirts!

Are you a lover of sauropod necks?

Do you long to demonstrate to your friends and family how much better[1] they are than the necks of other long-necked critters? 478 more words