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we all hunt

We all hunt.

some for power
some for self worth
some for a good fuck
some for a cheap room
some for chemical blow
some for myth love; and… 18 more words


LAST CHANCE to book your place for TetZooCon


You may know that the inaugral TetZooCon is set to take place next Saturday (12 July) at the London Wetland Centre. It’s an informal convention that’s condensed around occasional SV-POW!sketeer Darren Naish’s absurdly informative blog… 136 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

An Extraordinarily Accommodating Word

I got to thinking about the word “neck” yesterday, and I suddenly realized – for the first time in my life – what a useful little word it is. 131 more words

Mounted skeleton of Emeus crassus

In a back room at the Field Museum, from my visit in 2012.

I took a lot of photos of the neck, which nicely records the transition in neural spine shape from simple to bifurcated–a topic of interest to sauropodophiles.

Stinkin' Theropods

Now that we know you're not a hundred percent vampire you should stop trying to suck necks," I said to Ziggy."I'll try," Ziggy said, "but

Now that we know you’re not a hundred percent vampire you should stop trying to suck necks,’ I said to Ziggy.
‘I’ll try,’ Ziggy said, ‘but it’s a hard habit to break.

Janet Evanovich,

Smokin’ Seventeen