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Top 5 Gloriously Neckless Athletes In Professional Sports

Professional athletes gaze down at their earthly bodies and see something different from you and me. Aesthetics are tossed aside. Practical considerations of strength and agility reign supreme.  301 more words

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In The Books

From an early age you could find me with my head in a book.  However finding my head in a book because I fell asleep while doing some research isn’t typical, not for me. 245 more words

Late But Great- Jordan Reed

Hey everybody! This is Vertabend’s own Jordan Reed reporting what happened the end of last last week. See, this post was supposed to be on November 3rd, but I was sick and dead to the world at that point in time, so this is happening now instead. 422 more words

Necks Lie: the complete story

Just a quick post to link to all five (so far) installments of the “necks lie” series. I need this because I want to cite all the “necks lie” posts in a paper that I’ll shortly submit, and it seems better to cite a single page than four of them. 68 more words

Stinkin' Mammals