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Not an evil Necromancer

@JamesMusicus I don't believe the game casts necromancy as inherently evil.

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) September 18, 2014

The Witch Of Endor

In 1 Samuel 28, something stupendous happens in a witch’s house, something that proves the supernatural. The witch of Endor is about a woman that had a ‘familiar spirit’, what we would now call sorcery. 337 more words


Burying the Dead

Jake Stratton-Kent’s ‘What is Goetia?’ is making the rounds. His approach to doing magic, centered in the individual rather than the art, the cthonic rather than the celestial, is familiar (in the sense of being resonant with my way of doing things; see the… 1,374 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

A Poem for Olkoth

Rolling drumlins, endless

Spiked on small mountains

Bleak, in a shroud of purple twilight

As if centuries had passed since they last saw day

I saw them drawn in an artist’s hand… 246 more words


Thatcher rises from grave to help save Union

In a dramatic (and slightly gruesome) turn of events, former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has risen from the dead to wade into the battle to save the Union. 239 more words


Grave Dirt: Bring Up Your Dead

I was asked on the Book of the Face how I collect dirt, and one on hand it’s really easy, do it however you want, on the other hand, if it’s not something you do I guess it’s helpful to know how others do it, so I thought I’d explain that. 1,097 more words



I once numbered myself among the living though now I scarcely fathom it as being truth. What keeps it as truth in my mind is the dim and gentle recollection of the warmth my body once produced. 936 more words