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Necron Objective Markers

Three crystal growth (Tiberium?) and a Monolith. Desert themed like my ‘crons.

Funny how my Easter post are for some Necrons!


Necron Nightbringer

I think this is a new record in the speed of painting at this level of quality for me. 3.5 hours. So very fast to get everything blended and looking shnazy. 54 more words


Necron Tesseract Vault

Since my last Apocalypse game in December, I never actually finished the Tesseract Vault. But with the next Apo game around the corner, I ran out of excuses… 29 more words


Necron Flyers

Apparently I planned to post these pictures already in January, as they are tagged with 20140122… Anyway, here are some detail shots of my Necron flyers :)


Introductions - Dynasty of Kadesh

These first few posts will just highlight the armies and colour schemes I’ve already started.

First up The Dynasty of Kadesh, my Necron force. I’ve only painted a few Immortals and an Annhilation Barge so far, and they’re now on hold while I work on my Tau – more on them later!


Ha! I’ve finally gotten around to brute forcing the finishing touches on my Necrons! I’ll need to clean up some of the highlights but the army is done. 47 more words