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My day off

Hey folks!
Happy Wednesday! I had a day off today, largely spent studying and moving furniture. An exciting day, indeed! The weather may have been awful, but even so, it has been an excellent inside-day! 707 more words

Board Games

Imperial Fists scout

October 3rd is a bank holiday in Germany, so I invited a few friends over for a day of painting, trashtalk, drinks and food. I managed to finish the last of my… 25 more words


Battle Report: 1250 Necrons/Space Wolves/Thousand Sons (CSM)

Last night I participated in a 1v1v1 game with two guys at the shop and it was a lot of fun.

The limit was 1250 points (Bound), the objectives were kill points, and myself and Chris (Space Wolves under Njal Stormcaller) deployed on the long edges while Tyler (CSM under Fabulous Bile) deployed on my left-hand short edge. 687 more words

Chaos Space Marines


It’s time for yet another update of the progress in our little Escalation league. It seems people really have ramped up the speed, as the total points scored this month are higher than before, keeping up with the trend. 687 more words

Warhammer 40k

Update 24/08/14

I’m sorry to say, that as of late, I’ve not been doing much work revising The Scent of Jasmine.  I suppose, after the flurry of activity to get  574 more words