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Another “commission” for my brother. I was looking for a quick n easy paint job, so nothing fancy. Good enough for who it’s for!


What a week!

Hey everyone!

What a week, indeed! Work has been fairly insane, on top of which I’ve been trying to get ahead with the degree. I’ve moved on to the Romans, and have actually spent a pretty interesting afternoon reading up on the political organization of the late Republic! 636 more words


Battle Report 1 - Space Wolves vs Necrons

Soon after the Helbane wolves landed in sector 25 they came under attack by the rise of the Kh’leritehk Dynasty. Seeing that there was much more going on on the planet then was previously thought Barume Helbane pushed on to the closest communication relay to report the rising of a Necron dynasty back to the Fang. 414 more words


Necron Codex - 7th Ed

So, insane I may be, but on last-minute whim on friday I preordered the special edition version of the new Necron Codex!

Looking forward to it, I have a pretty substantial Necron force and it’s about time I got back to showing them some love :) 70 more words


An impasse, maybe

Hey everybody!
Well last week was a bit crazy for me, work was busy as hell, on top of which I was trying to write an essay for the degree I’m still doing. 841 more words


LXX - Scrap Metal

Dis iz a story uv a fight. An ‘ard fight. A gud fight. A fight that da orkz win, coz dey always win un all dat. 1,344 more words