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[Painting] Necron Overlord

I’ve mentioned my Necron Overlord once or twice before, but I’ve never actually shown him on my WordPress. Since I’m currently playing my Necrons in a 40K campaign my local club’s running, here he is – the self-styled ‘Mad Hatter’. 194 more words


Tactica Tuesday: Necron Destroyer Lords

Since I’m playing Necrons quite a bit right now for the local campaign I mentioned in a previous post, this week’s Tactica Tuesday will centre around my second HQ choice, the Destroyer Lord, and how I use him in-game. 409 more words


Painting: Necron Immortals

My local club’s started running a 40K campaign last Wednesday, and I’m using my traditional Necrons. A good 90% of the army is already painted, but since one of the lists I wrote to use includes five Immortals I thought it was high time I finished painting them. 212 more words


#Bat-Rep: Death Korps Assault vs Necrons 1850pts game 2/3

Game 2/3 of this series, Death Korps started off strong but Necrons know where the strengths of the assault list lay.

Thoughts going into the game… 1,094 more words

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Tactica Tuesday: Necron Chronomancy - Crypteks in Warhammer 40K

Necron Crypteks were one of my favourite new units added in the current Necron codex, and today I’ll be looking at my favourite. I like to call him either the Chronomancer or my Necron Time Lord, but in the codex he’s the Harbinger of Eternity. 384 more words


#Bat-Rep: Death Korps Assault vs Necrons 1850pts Game 1/3

Bat-Rep time! Write up of the first of 3 games using these lists, next week I’ll try and get a more comprehensive list of the Necron Army, but here are the basic entries: 1,044 more words

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Battle Report: Necrons vs Iron Devourers - 1850 Points

After 3 (three!) miserable defeats in the Terra Cup, it was almost nice to be kicked out of the league! It meant I could get back to playing more friendly games. 2,723 more words