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@Tiredhandsbeer So It Goes, For Those Times When You are Firebombing Dresden and Get Thirsty

Ok, you have read Slaughterhouse Five. We get it. Shit, you may have also read Breakfast of Champions, hell you probably will email me with some Bukowski references just in case. 943 more words


[5RTO] The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Me: “Hello my name is Ray and I am addicted to TSTO.”

Group: “HI RAY!”

That is going to be me soon. And if you know what TSTO stands for then it’s going to be you as well. 2,037 more words


What if....

Homer Simpson starred on “Walking Dead?”


What's the deal with Christian Celebrities?

I’ve commented before about some excellent work Zach Hoag, Ben Howard, and others have done in pointing out the challenges of celebrity within evangelical circles. 1,065 more words


The Simpsons: Krabappel of my eye

While there is much debate over the quality of this generation’s Simpsons episodes, fans of the show, both current and former, were united in their respect for much loved voice artist Marcia Wallace, who recently passed away. 656 more words

Lets take a look at... Ned Flanders!

Hey diddily hey neighbourinohs! Sadly I am not Ned Flanders. I am here to continue our series of lets take a look at posts. I’ll be looking at the Characters from the Simpsons, then evaluating them in the game, or, if they aren’t in the game, I’ll explain why we should get them! 225 more words

The Simpsons

'The Simpsons' Paid Touching Tribute To Marcia Wallace And Edna Krabappel Last Night

Last night’s new episode of The Simpsons paid a tribute to Marcia Wallace And Edna Krabappel that will make you feel all of the feels. The episode, called “The Man Who Grew Too Much” — some Sideshow Bob-driven plot — featured an epilogue of Ned Flanders dreaming about dancing with Mrs. 112 more words