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Thinking About NVCC 12/14/2014

On an episode of the Simpson’s Homer asked his neighbor Ned Flanders where he had been? Ned replies, “We went away to a Christian camp. We were learning how to be more judgmental.” It’s funny because Ned and Homer are cartoons. 170 more words

Thinking About NVCC

Simpsons In Disguise: Puritan Flanders

Sorry for the delay, but here’s some info on the costume that kicks off the event! 145 more words

Limited Time


I figured it was about time to teach Jackson about something that makes us men so manly… The Mustache.  Mustache growing is more than just facial hair, it’s and art form.   431 more words

A Bit About Beards

I love a good beard. There is something about rugged handsomeness that really does it for me. I’ll admit to being a little picky, I’m like goldilocks when it comes to whiskers: not overgrown, 863 more words

The Kitchen Sink

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