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She Owns It: Because Less Than Fabulous is Just Unacceptable

Once upon a time, I was an event planner. Through the years of planning galas, benefits, weddings, and everything in between, I spent a LOT of time chilling out my clients. 61 more words

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Melinda Mae and Eating the Whale One Bite at a Time

Have you heard Shel Silverstein’s poem, “Melinda Mae?” If not, here’s a quick refresher:

Have you heard of tiny Melinda Mae,

Who ate a monstrous whale? 380 more words

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Quick Tip: Be Kind to Yourself

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up, isn’t it Sunshines?

But here it is, darling.

No. Good. Can. Come. Of. It.



All too often I hear my clients say horrible things about themselves and the state their home has devolved into. 342 more words

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She Owns It: Banishing “Make Do” or Why That Ugly Chair Has Got To Go.

I currently hear a phrase swirling around too often. This phrase does nothing but keep people stuck in their clutter.

Make do.

You know:

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Overview of my Piyo Strength Experience So Far... And Another Race?

Today I took, what I think was, my 4th Piyo Strength class.  It is a low-impact workout that combines yoga and pilates.  Let me tell you, I was curious how many calories this would burn, and I have been consistently amazed!   294 more words

Get MAD About Injustice

This post is difficult for me to write for a number of reasons: first as a father, it’s hard to imagine the grief and sorrow that Michael Brown’s family must be feeling knowing that their son was shot and killed by those sworn to serve and protect.   614 more words