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Self-Reliance it's Human too

What is it about Self-Reliance that negates any hint of need or Humanity. It is something people see, but almost never dig deeper to understand. 99 more words


13 Packing Hacks You Need To Know For Your Summer Time Holiday

It is summer season time so everybody is creating plans for a holiday. And there is practically nothing wrong when it comes to a trip time, except for packing. 34 more words

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You know that feeling? The one where you have a bit of salad, because you want something but you’re not sure what it is. So then, you have a bit of pie, but that’s not it either. 1,087 more words


The gift of love is eternal... indelibly loved!

The gift of love is eternal… indelibly loved!

The gift of love is eternal. When we give love it just keeps giving. The precious words ‘I love you’ are never wasted even if there is no response to sharing your love. 441 more words


Obtaining The Supplies You Need For Your Next Project

Do you have the right tools to complete your next project? If so, you are ready to complete your project safely, on budget and in a timely manner. 36 more words

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