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everything is going to be okay//i hope

You told me you would be there for me. You told me no matter what time of day, when I needed you, you would be there. 48 more words


man in the parking lot

The man clearly needed help. There was no doubt in anyone’s minds about that fact.   He had alcohol on his breath, old dirt under his nails and eyes that told a story of a beaten life. 485 more words

Depression And Hope



Ah, liquid gold, the first sip,
Quiet in the beer garden, a smoke
And the night ahead, mine
Until a gaggle of giggles
Burst through the door… 64 more words

Instagram Nail Art Accounts You Need To Follow #1: The Shorties

Instagram has grow to be a single of my go-to destinations for nail art inspiration. About 95% of the accounts I follow on IG are nail accounts and I can drop myself for hours scrolling via my feed drooling more than all of the wonderful nail art. 12 more words

Daily Ideas

When things aren't what they seem

So recently my doctors have decided to give me all sorts of good news – from skin cancer, large gallstone, nueroma in my foot, on top of my already diagnosed hypo thyroid  - the funny part is I thought I was doing good.   473 more words


Refuting 6 common reasons used against people being granted easy asylum in Australia

Hello faithful readers of my blog and those who are exploring the blogosphere! I am so glad that you have stopped by my page once again to read up on some more of my ranting and raving. 1,395 more words


Being optimistic

One of the things I have tried to do with my blog is not focus on the negative aspects of being a single parent. I try not to focus on how hard it can be. 353 more words

Single Parenthood