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I don't need you

You need me
My heartfelt feelings
My late night calls
My crying
And my constant withdrawals
You need all my sadness
You need all my madness… 101 more words


ニードルワード || Needleward [Short ver.]


Vocals: めらみぽっぷ
Arranged by: シュリンプ
Lyrics: ワニ
Mix: NSY
Album: need
Circle: monochrome-coat
Event: C87

This isn’t the full version, because the album isn’t out yet – I’ll update this when the album is released! 265 more words


I write for those whose souls have been starved.


Need for Love

I don’t know why but even after three years of being with my significant other, I still have the need to be held, to be told that he loves me (constantly), to have my hair played with, or even just that look – the look of happiness, the little glow in the corner of the eye. 511 more words

Not much

Homeless and hungry
Digging through garbage
Bag of food
Had been discarded
Truly a miracle
Food for today
Preparing to eat
He looks around
Takes one item… 15 more words


Last Note

If you love music and know anything about it, you know that there are certain chords that can become your favorite. Music to those who can play an instrument is more than just make the right note or beat happen. 496 more words


Pomocníčkovia, alias užitočné slovesá

“Aby sme prešli tŕnistou cestou, môžeme buď vystlať každý centimeter hrubou kožou, alebo si vyrobíme sandále.”
Josh Waitzkin 1,001 more words