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Leather Baseballs are Needed for Practice Too!

Leather Baseballs are Needed for Practice Too!

Most baseballs used in games are baseballs made of leather. However, large manufacturers will also manufacture baseballs made out of synthetic fabric, rubber or a various composites.

Secondary Research Response Part 1

Here I have looked at an image source to represent the way in which escapism can leave people feeling trapped between two worlds, their fantasy world, one side of the mirror the girl is seated in, and reality, the opposite side, both appear dark and broken places which I feel reflects brilliantly the way in which people can cause damage to one world with the other leaving them in limbo. 95 more words


Three Reasons To Give Blood (2008)

1. It’s a nice thing to do.

2. Someone in the community may need it.

3. One day you may need it.
We need an extra supply of the stuff- 7 more words


INDIE SONGS needed for Bruckheimer Show CSI, CSI: Miami, Cold Case

ACOUSTIC INDIE SONGS (MALE & FEMALE) are needed for Jerry Bruckheimer film/tv placement (CSI, Without a Trace, Close to Home, Justice) by a well-connected NYC/LA Music Publisher with several placements on major TV networks such as PARAMOUNT, MTV, BRAVO, CW, CBS, FOX, Warner Bros and..Price: $30.00

needed view

a second pair of eyes

and get the word out

and how you program

and maintain

and smart money says you must

get something and make it all worth the while… 42 more words


The Park

Recently I had an interesting discussion with my girlfriend. We were coming home Saturday night from an FC Dallas game that Seattle Sounders’ Clint Dempsey fucking dominated… 496 more words


Day 8

Today I am ever so grateful for sleep.

Ahhhhh sleep

So important to us all

Yet neglected by so many.

There are many people in this wonderful world of ours that sleep soundly every night, 261 more words