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What are you thankful for?

I will start by saying that I am so incredibly thankful for Jesus, family, friends, co-workers, a good job, good health, and an education. But that’s not exactly what this is about… … 356 more words

Oh, the joys of choosing your future

The pressure on teenagers these days has risen to a level on which is equal to astronauts trying to land on the moon. Far too often am I asked by my parents and their friends ‘ooh, so what are your plans for A-levels’ or ‘so what are you wanting to do as a job?’ So far, my reply gone from being ‘I’m not sure’ to ‘something to do with fashion’ to ‘being a mermaid at Disney world’ (cause face it, that would be amazing) just because I’ve gotten bored of saying the same thing to adults every hour of every day. 110 more words


The Power of Thanksgiving!

Aloha dear reader!
This week is only two days of lecture because we have an adventure day tomorrow and a thanksgiving feast on thursday. We had a simple but really good message today, so it’s not gonna be a long post today! 322 more words

Rudy Giuliani Says White Cops Are Needed To Stop Black People From Shooting Each Other

WASHINGTON — Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) on Sunday criticized what he described as lopsided coverage of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, calling on the media to stop focusing on racially disproportionate police forces and pay more attention to black people killing one another. 126 more words


very needed

get things off your chest

and what is the rush

and how it feels the social

and its own electricity

and how it breeezes

and those are the ease… 44 more words


Why Do People Stay Silent?

“The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke I m working through some pretty intense grief that is stirred up by processing trauma in therapy. 70 more words