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needed view

a second pair of eyes

and get the word out

and how you program

and maintain

and smart money says you must

get something and make it all worth the while… 42 more words


The Park

Recently I had an interesting discussion with my girlfriend. We were coming home Saturday night from an FC Dallas game that Seattle Sounders’ Clint Dempsey fucking dominated… 496 more words


Day 8

Today I am ever so grateful for sleep.

Ahhhhh sleep

So important to us all

Yet neglected by so many.

There are many people in this wonderful world of ours that sleep soundly every night, 261 more words


How many sales are needed to justify a $175.00 vehicle graphic?

Member Joe Mechem needed a little something for the van. I think that this will be $175.00 well spent. Attached Images Joe.Presents..jpg (60.9 KB)

Trying to finish Charlotte & Sebastian and in need of Proof/Beta reader for it. Anyone?

So you’ll probably know by now that I never set plans or plots for my stories, I just go with the flow whenever inspiration hits. I can’t quite say that’s I’m hit by it at the minute but considering C&S is set for release in two weeks and I’m working on the most crucial bit of the story: the ending!, I think it’s time I at least tried to work on it. 139 more words



I don’t know whether it is just me, I am sure it’s not but I can’t stop thinking about one boy. He is my one regret. 456 more words


Dust, Dust, Dust.

Ive been contemplating if I actually wanted to start posting again, but i figured if anything it wouldn’t cost me much, since I’m not a compulsive poster. 243 more words