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Kwik sew 3604 part 1.

I did the usual when I start a pattern. I cut it out or trace it, in this case I traced it. I have done this enough times that I don’t always need a picture. 81 more words


Tattoos And Needles

People always find it strange that a have tattoos but have an exponential fear of needles.

Having a tattoo is a world away from getting a injection or a piercing. 511 more words

Random Ramblings

Types of Sewing Machine Needles

Most sewing machine needles look the same at first glance because the difference are small. However these small differences can have a significant impact on the success of your project. 401 more words


Thyroid Ultrasound and Biopsy

Today was the day. My bi-yearly thyroid ultrasound. I’m very used to the process, by now. Can’t tell you how many thyroid ultrasounds I’ve had, but I’m here to provide you with information on how one of these visits goes. 486 more words


My Brief Encounter With Dyakcraft Darn Pretties

So you’ve heard of yarn snobs. Well, have you heard of needles snobs? It’s those folks who look down on factory manufactured needles and insist that artisan/handmade stuff is best. 495 more words

Knit Lust

Does acupuncture hurt?

by Mary Beth Huwe

Not usually, and not really.

Firstly, acupuncture needles are completely different from hypodermic needles. In acupuncture, we’re not inserting anything foreign into the body other than the needle itself. 281 more words