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Reminiscence of an Old Needlebook: 1872


I “’spect I grow’d,” in the city of Chicago, in 1849, under the deft fingers of Mrs. Pierce, a very estimable lady of the Presbyterian Church, though she usually attended the Sewing Society of the Canal-Street Methodist Episcopal Church. 1,186 more words

News And Announcements

Smiles, knitting and plenty of wool!

In the drop in knit groups, we have been having in the Costa behind the jumper, it’s been so lovely seeing people approaching the hospital with a big smile on their face when they notice the Giant Jumper. 70 more words

Our First IUI: Part Three-Medications and Monitoring

I started the Clomid on the third day.  I took 50mg every night for 5 nights.   Now I am usually someone who is freezing at night but the Clomid had me sweating and throwing off the covers in the middle of the night.  578 more words


My Fantasy

My fantasy is not much
Only to have a healing touch
One seed of love in heart
Buried in the beginning
A fathomless dark
Growing to glistening light… 23 more words

A Poet's Journey

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Short but sweet, this is how should be written and the world is now yours!

The Doctor

I don’t recall how I got here, but there are too many needles in this peeling white room.

I just woke up… I can’t feel my face or my left leg. 27 more words



How can I love body severing shows like Dexter or bloody messes like Sons of Anarchy, but I cannot get a shot in my arm? That is just ludicrous, seriously Kaitlan, pull it together. 330 more words

I Went Out And Got Pithed

No, I haven’t begun to lithp. I did actually mean ‘pithed’. Getting pissed would have been a whole lot more fun.

The story begins long ago in a little country school… 541 more words

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