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IVF Cycle... Day 4 of Stims....Needles, Needles, EVERYWHERE!

Morning/Evening to you all.

Well, the last 4 days have actually flown by, can’t believe we are already on Day 4 of my IVF stimulation protocol. 862 more words

My Cats don't read - but they are Psychic!

I have discovered a very sad lack here at WordPress – you can’t insert a picture in a comment! Now, normally, I would not want to insert a comment, but my Cats have a pressing need to convey their feelings about a story I read yesterday.  365 more words

Random Moments

Needles in my face

Needles in my face? Oh no!

Oh yes.

I’ve signed up for an acupuncture consultation and treatment today.

I’ve never had acupuncture. So this will be a completely new experience for me. 177 more words


Needles, California Weather:

Needles, California Weather:

A chance of showers and patchy fog in Needles, California and the Colorado River Tri-Sate area Saturday morning.

Please use caution when driving is the patchy fog. 252 more words

A Bit Worried

February can be a bit of a hard month for me,  and this Feb especially the beginning is no different to any other Feb except i have a great man there for me when i need that hug or cheering up.,, my eldest will be 20 in the early part of Feb which is amazing, cause if you have read my blogs before you you will know he had open heart surgery when he was 7 weeks old,  but Feb is the start of it, and it always takes me back, but this is not what i am worried about,, as part of my sons medical care he is having a Exercise test done on the 10th of Feb in London, this always worries me as to what they discover but he has had great results so far but does have blood pressure as a result of his surgery… I am sure all will be fine, but a shame to be so close to his birthday too… 294 more words

Diagnosed Diabetic, The Scary Story.

I had eluded to this post yesterday about when I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. For the record I am needle-phobic. I always have been and always will be. 366 more words