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Without Gratitude (Tanka)

Without gratitude

Expecting seems like folly

Disastrous mix

One day they will awaken

And all they had will be gone


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Day 2 of the CLASP International trip consisted of speech screenings at the Bauleni Special Needs Project and a church partnership in Chawama.

God See's You

This morning was one of those mornings that you wish not to get out of the bed and you say to God under your breath, “I know You say You are there and that You see and hear me but I don’t feel You!?” 263 more words


Ask, Seek and Knock: An Antidote to Lust

I am so thankful for how simply Jesus offers us a reason to pray. There are 3 action words (verbs) that describe one of the same thing. 563 more words



What we’re able to do never catches up with all that needs to be done.


The 50/30/20 guideline for budgeting

The 50/30/20 spending rule has been attributed to Elizabeth Warren, and happens to be my favourite way of setting up a budget.

To start figuring out your budget, it is first important to understand what your after-tax income is. 457 more words

Setting Up

Kiss Off White Friend In Man Body

“LETTER TO A JOHN”: Bummer. Those working with frameworks like “unbecoming” are still super lost and in the cellar WRT Gender politics. I’m sorry, fellow warrior, start *there*! 336 more words