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Spending for Surviving – The 70/20/10 Rule: Part 2

What does the “70/20/10” stand for? Simple really, it is the percentage amount of money you should spend on each particular category of preparedness priorities. For this discussion we are separating priorities into three broad categories; Immediate Needs, Medium-Term Needs, and Long-Term Needs. 644 more words


Doing what needs to be done

“I know it’s easier said than done, but some things are necessary and need to be done despite the difficulty. Difficult does not mean impossible.” 582 more words

My Life

Wants and needs.

The old coffee shop and the strong aroma of crushed coffee beans,
Warm sweaters and cold palms that rush with an urgency to hold you. 51 more words


Mindful Gift-Buying This Christmas

Do you want to take a mindful and intentional approach to Christmas gift-buying?

Here are a few thoughts and questions to help you do that: 182 more words

A Psychology of Wanting an iPad

Yesterday I found myself quite unexpectedly having a desperate need for a tablet computer which got me obsessively browsing through countless websites, reviews and offers on the internet with the aim of finding the best, the most perfect tablet for me. 432 more words

Life and Pain

From the moment you were born to the last breath you draw, the life you live in the timeline between will surely be a mixture of sensations, a hodgepodge of feelings, and full of ups and downs. 496 more words

Fuel For Thought

Hard Truths

Other human beings will never give you what you need. Other human beings will never give you what you need.

You are alone.

Abandon all hope of rescue, salvation, help or redemption. 184 more words

Conscious Living