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I hate being sick. Well who doesn’t.
Around ten minutes ago, i was throwing up. The second time.
Going through a mild case of food poisoning.. 236 more words

flush and don't look back

my horoscope today was this:


January 27th, 2015  | A simplistic approach to your life is a healthy antidote to your hectic schedule today. Instead of seeking the peak experiences of inspiration, you’re motivated to meet your responsibilities in a timely manner because you don’t like the heaviness of unfulfilled promises weighing on your conscience. 623 more words


Spending for Surviving: The 70/20/10 Rule Part 4 Medium-Term Needs

This post is the fourth post in a series that covers how to spend your hard earned money on preparedness items. In this post we will focus on how to mitigate… 932 more words


Just a Simple Dragon

This is a small little drawing, I’d say, but it feels complete, for what it is. Needlenose, being aerodynamic, requires no extraneous parts or ostentation. There’s something to be said for pared down design and utilitarian simplicity. 245 more words


Not Now, Later.

Why is it that we spend so much time telling kids “later” when they are poised and ready to learn or do something right now? It happens in the classroom. 222 more words

Everybody Wants

“Everybody wants what they can’t have”

This saying can go along with a whole lot of things. And it is very true. Everybody does want something they can’t have at least once, if not multiple times in their lives. 487 more words


A phase called 'Still Waiting'

Often, we are in situation where we are stucked in a phase called ‘Waiting’. Yea, waiting to get attention from someone, rather the one from whom you have expectations and desires. 599 more words