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Wants and Needs, Yours and Mine

One hiccup. That is all the trouble we had today on this first day of school!

My son woke up cheerful and calm and I kept waiting for the tears.  537 more words


Do you..... Need it? Or Want it?

Oh the humidity is absorbing into my brain and giving me a headache. I yearn for water – but it’s just too far away :( it would take a good stroll downstairs to the kitchen to get me some water. 287 more words

Things to Take Camping

If you read our other blog post about the 10 essentials, you know that there are certain things that are extremely important to bring while camping. 581 more words

General Info

When You Remove Greed - There Is Enough!

 The quote “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” aptly expressed by Mahatma Gandhi, elucidates that the nature earth has enough resources & means to meet the basic requirements of a man but it can’t serve the endless greed of man. 38 more words


Guide me

I feel like running away, into my vice, into my addictions. Yes, I am an addict; I’ll admit it. It’s the codependent in me. I am not okay. 166 more words

A Life Examined

I am ( Blessed or Cursed)

I’m messy, yet I crave organization. 

I have dreams of book shelves neatly organized and filing cabinets

labeled and neat

I dream of anal retentiveness. 62 more words


Need Drama In Your Life? If You Do, Ask Yourself Why

There are some people, that it seems like, can not be without drama. Now, there are different levels of drama, different ways we create and invite drama into our life. 457 more words

Overall Health