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Smudging October 24, 2014

A dried sage bundle
Native American herb
For a house clearing.

Art Prescription: One of my biggest goals in life is balance. I seek peace, simplicity, harmony.

Daily Trinket - Energy Is Contagious Be Selective In Sharing Your Space

 In your Journey, find and be with people who inspire and uplift you and try to reach out to the ones who don’t to raise their conscious level.   9 more words

Daily Trinkets

Once upon a time...

I quit. Yes, that’s right. I quit. I quit today. I quit tomorrow. I quit forever.

I know You never said it’d be easy. Heck, I know that! 428 more words

Smack A Bitch Syndrome - Smackabitchitis

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.

~Leo Aikma

In this game of life it’s definitely a dog eat dog world, everyone is out to get someone, someone is always looking to bring someone else’s world down, but is that really living, is that really what life is about? 758 more words


Life in a Fishbowl Helmet

I am realizing that I see the world as some sort of philosophical puzzle. My thoughts roam about, trying to make sense of it all. I am not highly educated or know the ins and outs of a thesaurus. 735 more words


This Too Shall Pass

“Head up, heart open. To better days!” 
― T.F. Hodge

You will have days when everything runs smoothly and then there will be the days when what… 304 more words


Weekend wrap-up

The weekend is coming to an end, which unfortunately means it’s already time to get ready for the work week. But after a very hectic week, this weekend was the perfect break. 405 more words