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Bridge Building

Recently I was in a meeting with a group of entrepreneurs. One of them has been struggling to get traction with his entrepreneurial venture. His stress level was quite high and he indicated that he was under severe financial pressure. 585 more words


Removing negative energies from our homes

In magick or in any deep spiritual interaction we need to keep our homes clean. When speaking of clean however, I’m not referring to regular household chores. 407 more words

House Cleansing

Become a Better Life Coach Through Self Awareness

A  question  was  asked  in my  coaching  community.  It is a great  learning experience  for self awareness.   As  a coach  if I use self awareness  as a  tool  it can  create a great coaching  environment for my clients  and me. 436 more words

Life Coaching

You're Contagious!

I remember when I was in the sixth grade I had the chicken pox. That morning I attempted to get ready for school but continued to feel itchy all over. 322 more words

Numerology is the historic study of the relationship between names, birth dates, and numbers. In fact the word Numerology is derived from the word ‘numerous’ a Latin word for ‘number’ and the Greek word ‘logos’ meaning thought & word. 6,034 more words
Negative Energy

Emotional Vampires

I’ve been tired but, I couldn’t figure out why.  It is not a physical fatigue, it is more emotional; I was distracted and finding it hard to focus and complete my tasks.   515 more words

Thinking Out Loud

You've to prove to no-one. Do you?

You might come across with feelings that your efforts are gone in vein while your shortcomings are highlighted and criticized. Well, one point. You’ve to prove to no-one. 164 more words