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Shy Words

Creativity stilted
Wanted career jilted
Surviving with no function
Reached a crossroads junction

Blame everyone but the pen
Feel blessed to have been adored
Selfish to leave the favour unreturned… 82 more words


Running the House: Am I THAT Incapable?

So this afternoon the Mr. asked me to prepare his tennis bag, along with his tennis equipments (shoes, socks, t-shirts, short pants, towel, water bottle). It’s Friday, and when he can, he plays tennis on Fridays. 349 more words

Can’t stand me? Three mantras to deal with it

You cannot stand your friend’s offensive spouse, yet, you need to meet him/her because you truly enjoy hanging out with your friend; you want to kill your husband’s relative as she has nothing good to say about you, yet, you need to be pleasant because she is ‘his’ ‘relative’; you are enjoying your Friday ‘after-work’ drinks at work, and that ‘one’ colleague joins who is gregarious with others, but invariably avoids eye-contact with you. 886 more words

Lifehacks & Spirituality

Quality Friends

Do you have a standard for your friends?  Do your friends have to meet and maintain certain qualifications to be considered your friend?

Do you have something to offer your friends and vice versa?   103 more words


Know When To Get Out Of The Way

Everyone would agree that it’s important to maintain balance and harmony in our lives. That means keeping our environment as positive as we can, and the people around us are a big part of that. 446 more words

Little Wisdoms


I concluded , my Saturday night , watching  the English horror flick, ‘The conjuring’ . Well , I was spooked out , though not to the ‘level’ I expected. 1,002 more words


Self Love

This is one of my favorite life quotes ( something I live by)

Because in the world we live in today it seems as if it’s glorified to be mean, putting someone down, or throw some shade at someone else. 101 more words