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Sakeem Speaks on Sacred Contracts Channeled by Nakala

Part One
I am excited as the alignment to fulfill my sacred contract is taking place. My sacred contract is to give forth the channeled writings and messages from beings of the Pleiadian nation as well as others from the higher realms. 780 more words


Do I Deserve to Live???

I am not a perfect soul

I don’t get angry very often

But when I do

I say things I never mean

Just hollow words… 67 more words

By Daddy's Little Girl

Little sister drama.

People tell me by people i mean of course my very own sister, that i have a temper. Well who doesn’t? Or who will not if they had a sister like you?! 272 more words

Les Brown-Negative People

This is a great video from Les Brown about negative energy and negative people…..please get these people out of your lives and away from you………

Film Production

Gem of the Day: Ametrine

Love amethyst? How about citrine? Well you will absolutely love Ametrine a seamless amalgamation the best each stone has to offer amertrine is a fast acting and intense energy. 150 more words

Negative Energy

Paranormal doorway.....entrance from the otherside

For quite some time we have suspected we have a portal….I have pictures ….2 for those of you who follow my post….I always emphasize these pictures were taken a week apart on 2 different cameras. 234 more words


Clearing self and space

Space Clearing

Everything in the universe is composed of constantly changing energy, including your home and its contents. This energy can profoundly influence your ability to be healthy, loving, creative, and abundant. 1,281 more words