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Giving Yourself Credit

The other day I received an sms from my bank reminding me how much credit I have left to spend on my credit card – clearly I’m not spending it fast enough for them. 1,296 more words

Staying Positive

Another Worst Nightmare...Literally

It’s 1am and I just woke up from a nightmare. I was in my car with my best friend driving, me in passenger and boyfriend in the back. 589 more words

Psychic attack....

Dvina and husband Frank moved to their new home in April the year before last. Within weeks of the move Dvina started to have “weird” dreams – and they only occurred when Frank was at work on night shift and Dvina was alone. 792 more words


Just Let it Go!

I don’t know about you but I have to make a conscious effort to let things go. I can remember a time when I held onto everything until I realized I was holding onto negative stuff, negative energy that was affecting my  life. 226 more words

Deflecting the Negativity Virus

We have all lived through the following scenario. You wake up in the morning and are well rested, refreshed, and ready to start your day. You happily get ready and you might even sing along to the songs playing on the radio while driving in your car. 531 more words

Everyday Life

How to control the negative!

Photography ~ energy storm by
  ” Alex Kemp Lomomograph” from flickr

Everyday I encounter negative vibes we all do and sometimes it can actually be down to us, for contributing to them, but understanding the negative is all part of combating and controlling it… 452 more words

Life Style

Is There a Full Moon?

Did you ever have someone in your life that seemed to be wonderful one minute and stark raving mad the next? Does it seem to run in cycles? 781 more words