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A Sacramento-area single mother who endured a layoff now enjoys an opportunity at an education and a new profession.

A Fresno homeowner who has battled cancer, diabetes, the death of his parents and the loss of his longtime job is able to remain in his home. 616 more words

H.A.R.P Can Be Music To Homeowner's Ears!

No, we are not talking about the instrument.  However for homeowners that have little equity or even a great deal of negative equity, this program can bring serenity just as the classical instrument can. 282 more words


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Why isn't the US Congress throwing a lifeline to millions of drowning homeowners?

Even as it continues to improve, the specter of negative equity—those homeowners that are underwater on their mortgage, owing more to the bank than their home is worth—will act as an anchor on the housing market for years to come. 718 more words

High Negative Equity Among Gen-Xers Causing Housing Gridlock

High Negative Equity Among Gen-Xers Causing Housing Gridlock
Author: Scott Morgan
August 26, 2014

Much has been said, and even more theorized, about why millennials are not buying homes at the same rate their generational predecessors bought when they were new-generation homebuyers themselves. 445 more words