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How your terrible boss can make you a great manager

Many of us can point to former bosses and corporate heads who inspired us to become more well-read, better at communication, or more engaged because of their shining examples. 890 more words


Let your kids stumble

In my rookie year of teaching, I’m challenged with a bunch of slow learners, a few mentally and physically challenged ones  and some really distracting students all at once. 975 more words

Reputation Management: No More Misconceptions

There has been a misconception that companies should ignore negative feedback or reviews that are posted online and doing so will make it “go away”.  If companies still believe this today, their naivete will soon get the best of them… 590 more words

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Your Career and You: “Say ‘No’ to Negativity”

I just spent what seems like an eternity with someone who has, without doubt, the most negative approach to life of anyone I’ve run into in my entire life. 435 more words


Excellent Advice About Facebook Marketing That You Will Want To Read

TIP! Contests are a good way to market and get new followers on Facebook. Offer prizes or special deals to those who like your page. 1,478 more words

Proven Formula For A Lifetime Revenue Stream

Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones, But Posts Can Really Hurt You

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

That lesson has been hammered into our heads since kindergarten. It may be a nice way to go about your life, but on the internet, all bets are off. 355 more words

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A Little Whinge...

I wrote a post a few weeks ago which had a lot of negative feedback. I was called many names and accused of many things. I was accused of telling the story from only one side. 715 more words