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Baby Birds and the Special Shoes

We raise birds. It is expensive and annoying. I hate dealing with poop. Birds poop. A.fucking.lot. We have some Bantam chicks who are about a month old now. 365 more words

How Can You Prepare For Risk with Social Media?

Each business is open to some type of risk when they enter the world of social media. Have you considered what risk you are susceptible to? 539 more words


When people don't understand you:

“When you are talking with someone who doesn’t get you, and you want them to, the answer is not to continue the conversation, the answer is to withdraw into your own clarity, trusting that law of attraction will match you up with those who are ready to hear you.”

Abraham Hicks

How To Allow

Everything You Need to Know About Giving Negative Feedback

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there on giving corrective feedback. If you really need to criticize someone’s work, how should you do it? I dug into our archives for our best, research- and experience-based advice on what to do, and what to avoid. 613 more words

Managing People

Harvard Business Review reblogged this on Matt's Blog and commented:

Excellent advice on giving negative feedback...... Always a hard thing to do.

What to do when you get negative feedback

This is life, and let’s faces it we are never going to hear exactly what we want at all times, ESPECIALLY when it comes to feedback. 520 more words

Intern Tales

A new month, a new beginning; writing every day for a month – October 5th

5th of October

Remember; don’t take negative feedback personal. See it as learning points for the time to come. That’s all for today. Cheers and keep smiling!