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Put the Glass Down!

I want to ask you a question about this glass of water you see on the left. No, I’m not going to ask the ‘half empty or half full’ question. 291 more words

Writing From My Sanctuary

Today I’m having internet connection problems and once again I’m blogging from my iPhone. I have a post written out but it’s something I want to copy and paste from my laptop so it has to wait.  157 more words


Searching my heart for its true sorrow

This is the thing I find to be

That I am weary of words and people,                                                                    

Sick of the city,  wanting the sea. 481 more words


Lessons Learned: Being Happy

I decided to look up the word “happy” when hearing a few people say how unhappy they are in life. So what is the best way to being happy? 448 more words

Beth M James

The Dark Night of the Soul

In May of 1975 I came across an article in Christianity Today (May 23, 1975; 7-8) by Stanley Lindquist, a professor of psychology at California State University in Fresno, that has been defining for my life and ministry ever since.   1,392 more words


Positive Thinking

This follows on nicely to the Positive Thinking I have been looking into; I have a lot of negative feelings I need to get rid of! 8 more words


Floating Up... Up... Up...

It has been a long and rather stressful week here in my little world. My neck is tense, my lower back is screaming out in pain and my poor shoulder blades feel like they’re being stabbed with a blade. 178 more words