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Mental Health News: Comparing Ourselves to Others is Bad for Our Mental Health

Whether you’re comparing your appearance, bank account, or overall lifestyle to that of your friends and neighbors, such an exercise could result in negative health outcomes. 477 more words

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I think that is often the case that we are accomplices in our own frustrations. You need proof? You get it from Google, where else!’ 357 more words


Laws of attraction

“Everything else you see and experience in this world is effect, and that includes your feelings. The cause is always your thoughts.”
Rhonda Byrne…

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Who does she think she is?

She is the hag.  She shows her ugliness on the outside and you can take it or leave it.  She knows the answers to important questions such as what women want…. 534 more words


How brotherhood concept helps you at workplace?

Are you having bad relation with your boss? Or with a co-worker? Do you always get frustrated with others at the work place? Then it is time to change the job.  946 more words


The Power of Forgiveness

Thursday March 13, 2014 #609

“To forgive is to permanently shed hurt feelings and to put something away. It means drawing a line under something and saying, “Finished”…The courage to forgive is gigantic, and the courage to acknowledge the need to forgive is perhaps even greater.” … 103 more words


Pain, the ultimate catilyst

I really hate to get serious like this with every consecutive post but this has occurred to me recently. So many things jar us on into the direction we fear to tread, positive feelings though it may seem like the best catalyst may sometimes be the weakest. 518 more words