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#25 Only lovers left alive

I love films.

Like most people, I’ve no idea how many I’ve seen, but films influence my life, they enrich my cultural references. I’m getting older and I’ve noticed my hit-rate- the ratio of films watched to films enjoyed- is diminishing. 944 more words

Dealing with negativity around you

Negativity. What is there to say about this? Just that there is a lot of it around us. There’s negativity in our family, negativity in our friends, negativity in the media and negativity in us. 244 more words

Energy Chords - what are they and what can you do about them?

What is an energy chording:

An energy chording is where you are chorded with someone or something else, taking your energy.

How to know that you have an energetic chording: 492 more words


The decisions we make determine who we are and determine the kind of future we are supposed to lead up to. Decision making is very important in affecting our actions in our life. 238 more words

Shunya is Everything!

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Trapaaing has worked hard to communicate the philosophy of Brahmagupta  with regard to his teaching on fortune and misfortune in our daily lives. 499 more words