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Hey.. just some little thoughts.

Moving on in life is exciting. It’s refreshing. It’s invigorating. The whole world stretches out in front of you and you have infinite space and time to move around. 114 more words

Water repellent

The other day I was watching a demonstration of a water repellent that was very impressive.

They showed two wood surfaces, on one of them they applied the repellent and left the other untouched. 423 more words


Family what is it really about?

My natural family will disagree with this statement, but they haven’t really agreed on anything I have said or done.This over the past few years has been described as dysfunctional, limited love and concentrate on the one or two that are doing well, sad but true and it happens quite a bit in society, the survival of the fittest and most ability. 379 more words

In The Words of Maya Angelou, “Don’t Bring Negative To My Door.”

I’ve always been a cheerleader. In 7th grade I made the squad, and then again in high school I made it, and I cheered throughout my years in school. 369 more words

On Life

Easter Depression and Random Thoughts

So it has been a couple of days since I have written on here and the main reason is I have been too tired the last two nights to blog. 323 more words


One after the next. I’ve been eating like crap since before last post. I’m holding it together… Trying…. Failing.

Finals week.