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On Her Own...

On Her Own (excerpt from a wip)

The first time her mother stayed out all night, Mary didn’t worry. She was well used to her erratic behaviour and wasn’t surprised by anything her mother did. 539 more words


neglected blog

I envy you bloggers, how do you find the time to do an update every single day?  I started off that way, but the demands of real life have taken over so much since the start of December that this blog has become neglected. 247 more words

Log 13

I need help. I’m getting angry again and nothing is working. I’ve already punched my chair five times. I’ve cried. I’ve tried breathing exercises. I feel like the world hates me. 100 more words


Most of us have seen make-overs before on television. It seems that person experiencing the make over changes right before your eyes, and a different, happier and more confident person emerges. 305 more words

Go into the basement...

I love    science    and  medical   tomes that     preface the  chapters in their  books with  a quote that  makes  you  ponder,   say YES,   and  in some way,  shape, or form,  give a  hint  as to what the chapter  is   going to  delve into.    127 more words