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You Would Bitch If You Was Hung With A New Rope . . .

Have you ever tried to help someone do something only to have them ignore every thing you tell them.

“You screw this screw into screw hole #A, this one to #B, this one to #C, and that one to #D” … 356 more words


/ re: GA appeals court decision on parental duty, negligence, and a child's online conduct [Boston v. Athearn (2014)]

{a dual reaction, primarily, to @techdirt Dangerous Rulings: Georgia Court Says Parents May Be Liable For What Their Kids Post On Facebook http://goo.gl/fb/K9jZny and, additionally, to @marcorandazza Your Kids’ Facebook Activities Can Subject You to Liability (But See 47 U.S.C. 1,257 more words

Civil Liability

999 crew 'dumped man's body next to bins because their shift had ended'...

I know people working in the NHS say the problem is not the staff but the management and staffing levels, but an Ambulance crew dumping a dead person on the… 157 more words


Carer jailed for helping burgler steal from vulnerable patients....

A carer has been jailed after she helped a prolific burglar steal from the homes of her vulnerable patients.

Janet Kaye, 55, claimed she was pressured into helping Craig Armitage take valuable property from homes in Brighouse and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. 62 more words


Convenience V.S. Caring

As a nurse, there are certain things that make my blood boil. Especially when it involves my family.

This afternoon, I was in a wellness clinic to accompany my Lola to her blood detoxification session. 1,070 more words

An Iatrogenic Death: Part 11

The expert reviewer’s report was a major disappointment to me. It was a fudge; an exercise in wagon-circling and obfuscation. Instead of providing reasons why what was done was right, he found reasons to say it was not wrong but, when looked at closely, these reasons could not bear the explanatory weight he placed on them. 1,555 more words


Oscar Pistorius: What his words reveal - Part III

In Part I and II, we looked at the statement given by Oscar Pistorius at his bail hearing.  We examined his language describing the beginning of events on February 14, 2013.  992 more words