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Law in South Africa

I have not been an avid follower of the Oscar trial. I have found the whole fiasco a bit disturbing. In South Africa we have murders everyday and yet because this one individual is famous it is more important than any of the others (human nature I know). 834 more words


Ira Glass of This American Life (TAL) is justified in his anger.  In confronting Mike Daisey in the lies he expressed in his monologue on… 602 more words


Really, folks: that's not even B.C. law any more

Judges, we know, have long memories. They talk amongst themselves. It doesn’t do a lawyer’s clients any good, let alone the lawyer’s reputation, if judges begin with the assumption counsel doesn’t know the applicable law. 580 more words

British Columbia Law

Court of Appeal Summaries (September 8 to 12, 2014)

Here are this week’s Court of Appeal Summaries of civil law decisions.  If you find this blog interesting, please feel free to spread the word. 1,047 more words

Death calls me

I hear their rumbling,
the heart is growing leaner
tiny trenches of life leaving me
I see the world sinking in me
heavy lids of eyes unraised… 239 more words


Two feds in a car

Two federal agents in car. One shoots the other accidentally. A few months go by and promotion season comes along. The shooter get promoted, the guy who got shot doesn’t.



The past.

Triggering the inner nostalgia within us.

desiring parts of it;

wanting to abolish the rest.

Little do we all realize,

that those parts in which we want to rid from our minds, 86 more words