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If You’re Feminine-Faced, You’re Better Off Negotiating by Phone

Prior to online negotiations with strangers, research participants indicated that they expected greater cooperation if photos of the strangers (whether male or female) showed more-feminine facial features, such as less-prominent eyebrow ridges and smaller noses ( 52 more words


Are you losing out to your competitor when it comes to bringing bright talent on board?

Anyone in the staffing industry or in HR role will tell you how frustrating it is when a prospective employee turn down the job offer after accepting it initially. 488 more words


L'habileté de Négociation

La plupart d’entre nous, nous entrons dans négociations ignore que nous sommes encore occupés à négocier un accord de quelque sorte.

Je trouve cela plus vrai pour nous les femmes, parce que les femmes sont souvent motivées par leur côté fort ; qui est « émotions ». 918 more words


The Skill Of Negotiating

Most of us, we enter into negotiations unaware that we are even busy negotiating a deal of some sort.

I find this truer for us women, because women are often motivated by their strong side; which is “emotions”. 751 more words


To Close a Deal, Find a Champion

In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman who guides souls across the river Styx to the underworld. Those who do not employ his services are forced to wander the shores—lost for a hundred years. 1,172 more words


The Trials and Tribulations of Unbroken Children

Honestly, this is one of those posts that strikes me as awkward to write no matter how you cut it.  There is pretty much no way to talk about having kids who would be characterized as “spirited” without also addressing the exact opposite which of course is bound to bring about a whole bunch of reactionary and defensive reactions in the adults.   993 more words


Christian Grey, Magical Mind Reader

He answers Ana’s unspoken thoughts. He’s always there when she’s in trouble. He seems to know what she wants before she herself knows. I’m calling major bullshit here. 246 more words

Christian Grey