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Women Negotiate Better for Themselves If They’re Told It’s OK to Do So

In an experiment, few women who applied for administrative-assistant jobs entered into negotiations about their wages, and of those who did, more negotiated them downward… 74 more words


Quote From Favorite Book

If you ever find yourself tired of appealing denials and advocating for care, reading the book “Negotiating From An Uneven Table: Developing Moral Courage In Resolving Our Conflicts” may be the verbal elixir you need. 166 more words

Patience is a Virtue, Especially in Real Estate

‘Patience is a virtue’ a wise person once told me (hint: it’s my wife) . This is especially true when buying real estate. Waiting to find the right house, waiting for news on an offer, for the appraisal to be finished, for the loan docs to get to title, waiting, waiting, waiting. 432 more words

The New Income Gap

The Conference Board of Canada has published a study that says that the new challenge faced by Canadians is the income gap between the old and the young. 1,249 more words


If You’re Feminine-Faced, You’re Better Off Negotiating by Phone

Prior to online negotiations with strangers, research participants indicated that they expected greater cooperation if photos of the strangers (whether male or female) showed more-feminine facial features, such as less-prominent eyebrow ridges and smaller noses ( 52 more words


Are you losing out to your competitor when it comes to bringing bright talent on board?

Anyone in the staffing industry or in HR role will tell you how frustrating it is when a prospective employee turn down the job offer after accepting it initially. 488 more words