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Why You Need to Haggle On Your Trip

Being on hold for the majority of two hours was not on my itinerary for this trip. Starting the day with fresh coconut water and pineapple, wasn’t officially, but it was a welcomed breakfast. 828 more words


Embedding the BCMI into Role-playing

There are a few well-known academic uses of role-playing.

The most prominent example is the the Stanford Prison Experiment [1], wherein participants (students) were split into two groups, guards and prisoners. 791 more words


(Strategic) Partner/trading partner/adversary/enemy? Russia

A few days ago in an entry prior to the continued and expanded EU sanctions relating to Crimea, the following few lines appeared thus:  “In effect Crimea and those involved, (and are yet to be so), will become ring-fenced as a separate issue from events in eastern Ukraine as time passes, leaving Crimea a perennial bone of contention, whilst eventually a transactional – rather than business as usual – relationship with the Kremlin eventually becomes the normative when matters in the east are far more to the collective European liking.” 458 more words


Crimea sanctions continue and expand - as expected

In yesterday’s entry the following statement was made:

“It is beyond doubt that the sanctions raised specifically with regard to the annexation Crimea will continue. They are likely to continue for years – renewed annually. 264 more words


Stubborn Client

A client who is stubborn and doesn’t want any vendor staff to meet him indicates???????


No matter what happens, never disconnect from your client ever.. 37 more words

For Those Who Follow

When will our machines, computers, robotics and technology become an unmanageable force?

When they become self-aware or when they become aware of their self-awareness?

Once they become self-aware, we could probably still manage their actions by lying to them, but after they become aware of what they are, the lies would not work anymore. 177 more words

In Search Of Truth

US-China Trade Negotiations in Chicago Today

It’s not every day that important negotiations take place outside of national capitals. The The US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade summit is no exception. 115 more words

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