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Do Contract Managers & Lawyers Actually Care About Results?

How many contract and commercial managers, how many lawyers, actually care about the quality of the contracts they produce? How many actively monitor or seek to learn from the operational impacts and issues associated with contracts? 509 more words

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The Trading Mentality {Plans Within Plans}

Those who are highly politicized in orientation and beset with the trading mentality, are forever hatching cunning plans. They think they are clever and “sure fire”. 122 more words


5 steps to help you prevent someone from hurting themselves

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Sometimes it does not matter what we know, but what we feel takes over. And there is so many ways like this that our perception becomes limited. 493 more words


SELF-PROMOTION: 4 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer & Backdating Your Resume

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AMERICAN SELF-PROMOTION: The United States is the most overtly self-promotional country in the world. Overall, American professionals are often quite comfortable promoting themselves, especially in a business environment — and that behavior is actively encouraged as a sign of competence and self-confidence. 178 more words


Day 21 (v.2)


- Having the stomach flu was decidedly unfun but convalescing on the couch with the windows open and a dreamy spring day outside was the best I could have hoped for. 736 more words

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Are you in an adversarial industry? Insights for contract negotiators and managers.

Given their business significance, it is interesting how little research has been done on claims and disputes. They impact reputation, trust and bottom-line results, but most organizations have very little insight to the frequency, causes or costs of claims and disputes. 441 more words

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Negotiation-How to Renegotiate a Bad Deal

Let‘s face it. We have all done deals that turn out to be worse than we thought they would be when we agreed to them. But a deal‘s a deal, right? 950 more words

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