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Syrian Gov't, Opposition Agree on Four Key Points in Moscow Talks

Participants of the intra-Syrian talks in Moscow agreed on the activation and acceleration of delivery of humanitarian aid to all regions of the country, as well as on lifting of economic sanctions imposed against Syrian people. 254 more words

What happens if you don't pay?

What happens if you don’t pay?

We discussed default, but I’d like to ask you a different question:

How would you like to keep the next 6 to 18 credit card payments? 717 more words

8 Buyer Value Levers All Hospital Suppliers Should Know

Hospitals and other providers face unprecedented change. Reimbursement cuts, pressure to improve quality and outcomes, consolidation, and new population-based payment models are just some of the forces driving change. 494 more words


Protesters Interrupt U.S. Trade Rep at TPP Hearing

Protesters opposed to the TPP multi-national trade deal being negotiated in secret by a dozen countries – including the United States – protested a US Senate hearing early Tuesday to speak out against the proposal. 72 more words


The High Point!

High Point! Our community finally has a place that we can use for high points. Yes, I mean plural high points. I’m so excited. When I first stepped into this kink community back in August 2012 with my first event being October 2012 I had missed an amazing opportunity by a few months. 460 more words