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Goals in Negotiation: Knowing When and How to Set Goals  ( Janus Labs )

Values, Needs, and Goals in Negotiation  ( Lead Strategic ) 

The “Goal Oriented” Approach to Mediation Negotiations   27 more words

Goal Oriented

Confessions of a swinger

I’m a swinger. There it is, I’ve finally come out and said it.

I’ve been a swinger for most of my adult life. Living in the great metropolis of London has probably provided the most fertile territory for my swinging, although I’m certain there there are also swingers doing their thing across the nation in our provincial towns and cities. 358 more words


Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Leak Reveals More IP Flaws - Public Knowledge

Today, Wikileaks published a leaked draft of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). The TPP is a proposed international agreement that, among other things, seeks to impose stricter standards for intellectual property enforcement around the world. 125 more words