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Outstanding Salesperson - ROI

The most successful salespeople understand the overwhelming power of being able to demonstrate an ROI with the client. (Return on Investment) ROI’s are not guarantees, they are not future promises of outrageous wealth they are suggestions at best that show a predictable outcome based on a specific analysis of data (facts) and logical business outcomes associated with that analysis. 1,137 more words


Outstanding Salesperson - Dreams

There is a difference between having a dream and being a dreamer. And if you have a dream you usually have a hero. We all have hero’s. 558 more words


Outstanding Salesperson - Confidence

When you look at this photo what goes through your mind? May I share with you that as I took this photo I was within 15 feet of this lioness on foot, not in a vehicle and that my heart was racing. 611 more words


Outstanding Salesperson - Passion

I learned years ago that good always win in the end. I used to be mocked about this all the time. I knew a salesperson who I thought was a great salesperson but in reality was a con man. 459 more words


Be a better negotiator: 5 ways to make a more compelling argument

Negotiating isn’t easy and at times it can be downright unpleasant, a reason many just plain don’t bother with it. However, being a good negotiator is a crucial skill for the modern gentleman, one that’s fulfilling on a number of levels – but where to start? 996 more words

Act The Part

Outstanding Salespeople - Follow Up

As human beings we are fickle at best, and as salespeople we seem to somehow exasperate this to multiples of factors. The best salespeople always value the art of follow up. 697 more words



Reason to LIST your property with a Real Estate Negotiator ( REN )

  1. Expect a higher selling price
  2. No advertising cost
  3. Will negotiate for you [ Negotiate is Tricky Business ]
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