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Cliff jumping at Negril Jamaica

Cliff jumping at Negril, what is it all about? Its about having some fun, nothing more and visitors to Negril, especially the young and the intoxicated spend no time in jumping off the cliffs at Rick’s cafĂ©, a real hotspot for the party crowd. 79 more words


Jerk Chicken in Jamaica

I think the US is one place where you can find cuisines from almost all over the world. But trust me the food tastes way better in the country it originally comes from. 325 more words


Negril Videos

I’m on a roll today! I’ve found myself another great website about Negril in Jamaica but on this occasion I have found a Videos website. I cant say I admire the design though, the green background is a bit much and the yellow text is a bit too bright but the content of the website is an utter delight. 84 more words

Negril reviews

I was asked by some bright spark as to why I do not really do reviews on this Blog? There is a simple answer to that: I have never been everywhere in Jamaica! 254 more words

Jamaica News

I may have mentioned this website before, if so, I make no apologies because it is a great website for Negril and, surprisingly enough, the website is called… 224 more words