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Nehemiah's Character

Nehemiah is an ancient character whose work ethic and service translate easily into today’ world.

He was emotionally vulnerable and honest with the king. As a result, he received royal support to help rebuild Jerusalem’s wall. 87 more words

Character Study

Nehemiah 13

In conclusion, Nehemiah punishes people who choose to disobey the Law of the Lord and reestablishes the Sabbath and purity laws.


{ J series } #5 Rebuild those walls

“What do you do when you have ‘one of those days’?” I asked. You know days when the light doesn’t shine through the dark even though you feel like you are standing right under the sun. 318 more words

Nehemiah 8:1-18

A.(1) And all the people gathered themselves together as one man into the street that was before the water gate;

B. and they spake unto… 693 more words


Nehemiah 12

  1. Census of priests and Levites
  2. Dedication of the Wall
  3. Collection for the priests and Levites

Blessed Are the Faithful

Thoughts About What We’re Reading!

This week, we turn our attention to the book of Ezra

As we start to come to the close of our Old Testament reading, it is important to note the last few books cover a relatively short time span in the history of Israel.  400 more words