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A Three Way With Mustard

I rarely eat dinner…I much prefer a lavish mid afternoon meal that usually holds me till breakfast.

But every once in a while at 3 a.m. 352 more words


Bring Me Some Bon Bons and Turn on the Soaps

I feel that I should explain how I came to be “perched upon my pedestal,” lest you get the wrong idea and start thinking that I do nothing all day but sit on cushy pillows eating bon bons and watching the soaps. 607 more words


NEIGHBORS When we moved to our previous home in New Jersey, we were excited to meet our new neighbors. At the time, we had two young children and a third on the way. 2,168 more words

Modern Society

Writing 101: A Girl Grows In Brooklyn

I grew up on a typical street in  the 1960s in Brooklyn, NY.  I lived in the same 2 bedroom  house for my entire childhood until I left for college.   537 more words

Living With Hope

Becoming That Person

It seems that Los Angeles,
is not a 24 hour town,
When we moved here from NY,
neighbors told us to turn it down.

They didn’t like our high heels, 86 more words


She's Called to Quilt

I love a good pattern.

Lattice pie crust (over, under, over, under)
Major scales (whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half)
The Pythagorean Theorem (a2+b2=c2) 435 more words


Who is my Neighbor?

“Who is my neighbor?” This question, posed by a crafty lawyer in the Gospel of Luke invites Jesus to launch into one of his most famous parables of the Good Samaritan. 1,039 more words