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Oh Neighbour!

When the day passes by

will you come with me?

Will you be the brook flowing by my house,

or will you be the essence of ecstasy? 169 more words


There was water boiling downstairs

I left my apartment
And walked down thirty six steps
Across one broken stair

And I found myself 
In my neighbour’s apartment… 113 more words

Random Writing

Neighbour Rage

For the past few years I have been having an on going argument with my Grandmothers Neighbour. Like most arguments this is a stupid one, it is over a parking space. 357 more words


Stood knelt
My arches burning up
ready to rip
Like super high heels
My own foot squishing so much weight on my big toe
My hand is collecting the smell of spit from your skin… 77 more words

Safe and Sound

I finally made it back home yesterday. It was a great trip visiting my other family back on the reserve. We did not party or anything like that but I think that is what made it good. 243 more words


Banana Cardamom Loaf

The baking frequency is picking up this year although this is likely procrastination kicking in as my new module has started yesterday and I should be reading/learning the material! 422 more words


Why Do I Have To Be Polite?!

I m disgusted with this about myself. There s a neighbour – not close, thank goodness, a few blocks away – that I know a little but rarely talk to. 85 more words