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What might our response to Ebola have to say about what it means to love our neighbours?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the biblical principle of loving your neighbour and whether I really understand it properly, let alone put it into practice consistently. 845 more words


The greatest commandment

Any religion;
whichever myths have inspired it,
no matter how it connects its members
with divine spirit,
whatever its claims,
however it patterns its ritual… 128 more words

Curtain twitching

Should I open the window? “No, officer, I am not eavesdropping on you, it’s the terrible Summer heat the cooking smells in here.” Alternatively, I could go out and ask them to move their cars from my parking space. 296 more words



Today’s writing prompt:

He looked over his neighbour’s fence and saw . . .


It's always been you - Chapter 2

The day I met you – Shawn

“Ohmigod, you have RISE OF THE DEMONS? Can we play that?”

Oh my God I like this girl, she loves to play RISE OF THE DEMONS. 592 more words


Are you a nosy neighbour?

Humans will always be curious beings – so much so that a recent study revealed that a third of homeowners have admitted to regularly spying on their neighbours. 397 more words


Woof, woof

I loved his energy. He would woof each time he laid his eyes on me.

“Don’t you get tired?”

“Woof. Woof!”

Apparently not.

My neighbour had brought him home several years ago. 214 more words

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