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Feliç Sant Jordi!

Is it OK that we ‘borrowed’ these for a photo opportunity?  Now returned to their rightful owner next door.  It may be the only chance I get to show off with delivered flowers for Dia Sant Jordi. 55 more words


The Wars Begin: Sir Anto vs Amore

As mentioned in the previous post, the first battle has unfortunately had all material proof of it disappear and its memory will have to be be passed down to future generations orally. 719 more words


Writing about the foods we cook and the battles we wage

This is long overdue.

While stuck for inspiration writing about positive developments in Nairobi’s slums, the most obvious solution to my writer’s block is to write about the other thing I oh so love in the world: cooking, eating and getting competitive over food. 445 more words


Good Marning Me Neighbours

Open your window, look out at the habour, let the trees be the frame to the scene before you. Feel the cool morning breeze bounce of your face, taste the ocean in the air, watch the bougainvillea glint in the early morning sun. 24 more words


"Did he just use the word 'bomb' in a sentence?....I think he just said 'bomb'. Call security".

They’re winning you know. When you are standing in line in an airport waiting to go through security or customs or whatever, and you see the sheer panic and (pardon the expression) ‘terror’ on someone’s face when you… 285 more words



My sincerest apologies to our sweet, lovely, considerate neighbour who was annoyed and “terribly tormented” by the beeping that was going off in my house from the smoke alarm. 49 more words


30 days/30 poems, Day 14, There is something funny....

April Challenge - 30 days and 30 poems.

Day 14. There is something funny…

Easter Sunday, at my daughter’s,

her neighbour knocked and said,

‘have you lost a bunny?’ 98 more words