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Upcoming Cafe: August 6th

In the Banff Ideas Bank upcoming conversation café, we will be exploring notions surrounding:

Do you live with good neighbours in a good neighbourhood?  What is the nature of a “good” neighbour? 62 more words


Anxiety in my Space

Yesterday I had planned for my ex to come and spend the night, just as friends. I was really looking forward to it. I picked her up at the bus stop and we went to my house where we sat and watched the common wealth games. 264 more words

Internet Cafe's

A very funny and recent comment from my mother, regarding my spelling on my blog posts has inspired me to fill you in on the experience of internet cafes here in QT. 97 more words

Splashy Face! ft. Nick and Alex.

Hey Guys!

So my brother and his mate decided they wanted to do a video for themselves but had nowhere to publish it so they came to me! 45 more words


Your neighbour is NOT your enemy

So Obama (backed by the cowardly Dave I’m sure) has pledged $47m to help those affected by the conflict in Gaza (sounds like that nonsense Action Line the BBC peddles after a “controversial” story line at the end of Eastenders. 711 more words


The Seat Switcher

Okay, so the person sitting next to me is very talkative.

This is where I hop up and shift seats at the first polite opportunity. See, I don’t especially like talking to strangers: you know how some people will, given the chance, tell you their life story? 136 more words


I'm not very good at this

Hey guys & gals so I was supposed to write a blog post earlier & schedule it to go up at 7 but life got in the way. 138 more words

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