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My first Bike

    It is true; no one forgets their first experience of riding a bicycle. The feeling of flying, feeling breeze on every inch of your body like you’ve got wings is incomparable and everyone who could ride a bike knows what I mean so I think I need to say no more. 489 more words


Moving to Russia... Part Two

So far I have mastered the art of “Spasiba (sorry), I am English”, not making eye contact on the Metro, and finding the best price for large bags of pasta. 566 more words


After feeling bad about missing training on Sunday morning I certainly made up for it today. I pushed myself and managed to do EVERYTHING, even when I struggled at certain bits I stopped, stretched and got back on the floor for more. 269 more words

Saying Goodbye

WARNING!!! The following contains offensive language.

Right before our dad moved out West, he decided to write his long-time neighbour a brief goodbye letter.

With a thick, black Sharpie, on a blank sheet of printer-sized paper, in extra large fonts, our dad wrote, “Go fuck yourself you god damn miserable ugly son of a bitch.”

Neighbourly love :)

Drying dark purple lavender

Beautiful dark purple lavender harvested from a neighbour’s garden and tied in bunches before being dried. Very strongly scented and wonderful to look at. I was very jealous of their lavender field!



The Five Most Important Facts About Worship

Years ago, I realized that I often had only one shot at communicating with an audience in some of the countries that I would visit. So, I asked myself, if I could only speak once to an audience, what were the most important things on worship that I could share? 1,476 more words


Day Sixty Two

A lovely neighbour dropped in four gorgeous duck eggs. Baking ahoy!

We had a visit from Cosmo. Cosmo is a tiny black kitten who was abandoned, found and couldn’t be resisted by his *new owners. 29 more words