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Who is rich with something, shares it with other. Share Kindness, Love, Peace & Joy.

One man bought a new house – big and beautiful – and a garden with fruit trees near to it. Nearby an envious man lived in the old house and was constantly trying to ruin his mood: he threw garbage under the gates and made other nasty things. 105 more words

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Who's looking after your chooks?

WHO’S going to look after your chooks this summer holidays?

If you haven’t given serious  thought to this question nor have anyone in mind to care for our feathered friends while you’re away, then you might as well kill them right now yourself to make into your Christmas roast. 469 more words

Mr Al Riteme

 Sometimes the weather is frightful, so if you can keep an eye out for neighbours that would be grand.  Look without getting up close, without putting a stickybeak into a neighbours business, unlike this full up~close face of Al.


All right me duck?



Rights Of A Neighbor

By Saleem Saim

Love your neighbor whoever he be
Come from any region, creed or religion
You mustn’t eat when you come to know
For want of food, that poor had to fast… 129 more words


Monday 15th December 2014

In an age of ‘Facebook,, ‘Twitter’, texts and so many social media experiences, a number of charities and other social awareness groups are reporting that loneliness and isolation are an increasing problem in society. 111 more words

"The Neightbour"

“The Neighbour”

Graphite and Markers

Linnéa Ahlberg©2014


A Peculiar Fear

You know how you hear stories about prisoners digging tunnels out of their cells with spoons or whatever else they can get their hands on? I wont ask my first stupid question, which is how do they do it without the tunnel collapsing around them, because I don’t want to seem like a complete moron. 215 more words