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Monday's trivialities

Oh yes, it’s definitely Monday! First, I got up early because of an appointment that got cancelled at the last minute. So I decided to crawl back in bed and rested for a couple of hours before I had to go grocery shopping. 466 more words

About Me


A Florida woman who was accused of murdering her neighbour has told the police how she cut up the body with a hacksaw and tried to cook the parts away, according to court documents. 311 more words


5 Reasons Why My Neighbours Are Assholes

Recently I’ve had new neighbours move (from other equally obnoxious neighbours) and I don’t like them. With so many houses (in the area) being shoved together with blocks basically touching each other- this was bound to happen sooner or later. 555 more words


Reality check

All day today, my upstairs neighbours have been shouting at each other. I’m sort of used to it – if it’s possible ever getting used to something like that. 604 more words

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Granny and the follow up

Hello All.

I didn’t get to the beach this trip.
A big disappointment.
But the whole of the Cape is so beautiful so you will get a few photos. 300 more words


Kindness comes in boxes

Last week my neighbour knocked on the door to ask if I wanted some of her crafting supplies as she was going to concentrate more on jewellery and therefore wanted to make more space in her craft room. 205 more words

Lucky and the Neighbour!

And so he stood there, looking at me, confused.
“Who are you?” he said.

His voice sounded weird in my ears..
“I’ll tell you my name if you’ll tell me yours”, I replied. 128 more words