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#dartfordtweetup becomes "Dartford Natters"

First get-together Monday 15th September, 7:30pm at the Royal Oak, Spital Street Dartford.

About a year ago I was prompted, by nothing more than some overlapping Twitter converastions around Dartford, to suggest a real world get-together. 474 more words

Doing Things


A while ago I wrote about the nineteenth-century village Stuartsville, one of Kingston’s working-class satellite villages now incorporated into the city proper. Today I present to you another one with a rather colourful past: Picardville, also known as the French Village. 1,445 more words

19th Century

Ten Years Without Shame

In the 1980s, the Barcelona city council began a contentious urban renewal process in the Casc Antic that involved expropriating and demolishing old buildings and relocating the families that lost their homes. 484 more words


2014-08-14: City letter sent to Ioco Road Neighbourhood

Subject line: Redevelopment in existing neighbourhoods

The City of Port Moody sent a letter (August 14, 2014) to Ioco single family residents, advising, “in response to community concerns regarding the size of some new single family homes in existing neighbourhoods [...] Council has directed staff to consider and engage the area residents on the following… 112 more words

Bastille restaurant review: Will

A low-key restaurant with a conservatory feel, the pocket-sized WILL is globetrotting Basque chef William Pradeleix’s first restaurant, and a veritable laboratory for testing his techniques picked up from Bora Bora to San Francisco, by way of London’s Savoy and Connaught restaurants. 29 more words


The Aylesbury

A few months ago my camera’s memory card lost the plot. I could have recovered the lost images had I paid £30, but it didn’t seem worth it. 295 more words


Where the beautiful tastes good: Folks & Sparrows

“I don’t really know what a hipster is but we like to call ourselves ‘neo-hippies’,” says bushy bearded Franck about himself and Melanie, his wife. Dressed in a chequered surfer-style shirt slightly unbuttoned to reveal a medallion, he could be Jack Johnson’s brother. 86 more words