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Letter from a young Peshmarga.

Letter from a young Peshmarga

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Huner Surchi asked me to help put his words into better English. This is what he said:

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The sweetest grand I might make*

Several months after moving into a new apartment  2 years ago, I sat down for a drink with my new next-door neighbour and her girlfriend. At some point I realised that the casual “chat” was going in a very clear direction. 938 more words


Furry neighbours, naked neighbours, and a cockatoo in a gum tree.

I have moved. Relocated. Shifted. I am now living in two houses, dividing my nights between them. With school being so hectic and the workload piling up, I made the decision to move back home with the family to try and keep my sanity until graduation. 460 more words

Picking plums

Our neighbours have a beautiful plum tree which this year is absolutely ladened with fruit.

Each year, around this time, I receive a text from them inviting us to take as many plums as we would like.   20 more words

Say G'day to Bruce, Bruce

Matt: Let’s play a game that uses the characters’ names from the show, “Neighbours.”

Here’s how you play.

I say, “G’day Bruce” to the person next to me. 628 more words


We Just Moved to a Dead Quiet Neighbourhood

It is easy to remember that every day you wake up on the right side of the dirt is a good day when your next door neighbours look like this. 229 more words

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