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Another wrinkle in planetary internal convection induced dynamo theory

From Space.com. It’s worth reading between the lines of this one to see the perplexed furrows on the brows of the ‘surprised’  scientists.

The magnetic fields of planetary building blocks lasted for a surprisingly long time in the solar system’s early days, a new study suggests. 460 more words


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Isn't this something like the Alfven-Klein model of plasma flows?

Hoping for the Best; Preparing for the Worst

When the Apollo 11 astronauts left earth for the moon in July 1969, it was the culmination of the best efforts to make good on President John Kennedy’s pledge to send a man to the moon before the decade was over and return him safely to the earth. 141 more words


1930: Buzz Aldrin Born

Tell you who is a national hero in the USA, that Neil Armstrong. He’s such a legend because he was the first man to step from that pretend spaceship onto the pretend moon back in the 60s. 164 more words

Historical Events

space kids

The half minute video I submitted to the ‘Vimeo Weekly Challenge’ today in ‘call for action’ category on any subject :)

space-kids from balu on Vimeo.


I Salute You - The History of Saluting

Saluting is primarily but not exclusively a military sign of respect with a very long history.  This week it hit the news that some senior officers have become upset as recruits are not showing them the respect they are due and recently none other than President Obama have been criticised for taking saluting seriously and respectfully enough but why do we salute in the first place? 1,389 more words

The Weekend I Took the Moon Rocks Home

Only on rare occasions (once or twice a month) do I check for the black SUV’s in my driveway or parked around the corner on the road where I now live.   1,293 more words