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Elle Fanning To Play Mary Shelley In 'A Storm in the Stars'

Elle Fanning has signed on to star in ‘A Storm in the Stars’, the story of seventeen year old  Mary Wollstonecraft’s passionate love affair with poet Percy Shelley. 61 more words


I Finished a Novel (Or: I Get Melodramatic)

Writing is weird.

Stephen King called it the truest form of telepathy, and I can see why. You pick up Frankenstein, and Mary Shelley reaches out to you from the 19th century. 1,827 more words

Roger Ebert, "Life Itself," and Change

I recently saw Life Itself, the documentary about Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert’s life. The most remarkable thing about this film wasn’t any of Ebert’s achievements but his willingness to be filmed as he was dying of cancer. 445 more words


New Comic Day: July 30

Well I have good news and bad news. Being that I prefer icing on top of crap, let me give you the bad news first. This week is going to cost you. 546 more words

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10 Dark, Creepy Children's Books Every Kid Should Read

Amazon’s editors released their picks for “100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime” this week. While no one’s knocking Babar or Harry Potter, the list felt like it was missing some of our favorite strain of children’s lit: the creepy kind. 737 more words


Why Vacation Makes Me a Better Teacher

I spent the past weekend (plus a day) in Boston with my sisters and a friend from college (Southern Illinois University) that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years.  1,416 more words

“He stared up at the stars: and it seemed to him then that they were dancers, stately and graceful, performing a dance almost infinite in its complexity.

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