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'Alien': Neil Marshall praises Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic [guest essay]

In the spirit of Halloween, Hero Complex reached out to select filmmakers to solicit their fondest memories of classic horror. Below, Neil Marshall — who recently directed the pilot episode of NBC’s new series “Constantine,” and who produced the ghost story “Soulmate,” which arrived on DVD this week — discusses his respect and admiration for Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” He also addresses its influence on his features, including the acclaimed thriller “The Descent,” a superlative horror story that sees a strong heroine fighting monsters in a confined setting. 1,117 more words


Trick Or Treat? 'Tales Of Halloween' Horror Anthology Taps Neil Marshall, Darren Bousman & More - AFM

EXCLUSIVE: Now that horror hits V/H/S and The ABCs Of Death have shown that the omnibus film can live again, a new anthology is assembling with the likes of Neil Marshall ( 237 more words


10 Things I Thought While Watching "King Arthur"

by Gabriel Valdez

1. Ah, King Arthur. It takes a special dedication to make a movie so inaccurate when it’s based on events no one can agree on because they never happened. 1,071 more words

10 Things

There's Always Room for Dog-Murder

Broadswords and frying pans make great anti-werewolf weapons, and Dog Soldiers is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the DVD cover or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean ‘Hollywood’ Hunting. 35 more words

Greatest Movie EVER

Modern British Cult Cinema: Doomsday

Modern day cult British cinema, destined to be classics of their age – that is what this series is focused on, bringing you the very best in horror, action and sci-fi from the isles of  the United Kingdom. 1,119 more words


'Constantine': Neil Marshall talks Hellblazer, horror, future movie plans

Is director Neil Marshall pleased to see John Constantine reborn for the small screen, personal demons and English accent intact? In a word, yes.

“I’m very happy that it’s gone back to its roots, having a British guy with the blond hair and a few nasty habits. 2,385 more words


10 Days Of Horror - Day Two

And so we reach day two of our Halloween advent calendar, and this one is a doozy. Best watched with the lights out and the sound up: 128 more words