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Nella Larsen's Passing & Identity

“Why hadn’t she spoken that day? Why in the face of Bellew’s ignorant hate and aversion had she concealed her own origin?” (Larsen pg. 40) In Nella Larsen’s “Passing” it seems as though every character we encounter is facing some sort of identity crisis. 259 more words

What are we Passing off as our "Identity"?

In my French III Honors class year of high school, we studied a section called “l’identité français”, or “the French Identity”. My teacher introduced the unit by asking this: 1,429 more words

Passing: Identity and Image

Women have an ambiguous relationship to the visual image…this is because they are represented so frequently within images and yet their role as makers and viewers of images is scarcely acknowledged.

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American Women Writers

Falling in Between a Hyphen Explained.

I am American by citizenship/birthright, but Filipino by blood. I was born and raised in the wonderful city of New York, but my upbringing didn’t shy away from the traditions of a Filipino household. 1,046 more words

I am HUMAN!!!

It is common for each and every one of us to ask people where they are from and what race they are. I honestly find nothing wrong with this the problem is created when we use this to label that person. 460 more words

American Women Writers

Identity and Race

How do we define ourselves? Is it our identity, our community, our occupations? We so often hear the phrase of needing to “find ourselves.” This seems to be the goal of young adulthood: to discover and determine identity. 559 more words

American Women Writers

Polite Insolence

“About her clung that dim suggestion of polite insolence with which a few women are born and which some acquire with the coming of riches or importance” 382 more words