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Ik ben een enorme koukleum, dus eigenlijk kijk ik het hele jaar door uit naar de zomer. Nu duurt die in Nederland doorgaans een dag of twee, drie, dus als het eenmaal zover is, moet ik er natuurlijk optimaal van genieten. 619 more words

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Fool for You

The Hill Heart Foundation Exclusive Album
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Notes from the Producer

Music is the grease on the wheels of life. That’s how I’ve always thought of it. 564 more words

I found Nemo!

Nemo and co. hanging out in their sea anemone


Nemo Carnivals arrive in Albany

Albany hosts “Nemo Carnivals” in 1912 and 1914.

I can find no references to a “Nemo Carnival” anywhere else in the country. I’d assume it had something to do with the then-popular “Little Nemo” comics, but the traveling circus that conducted these had an act named Prince Nemo, The Malay Wonder. 336 more words

Mr Nobody (2009)

Mr. Nobody (2009. Dir: Jaco Van Dormael)

Certificate: 18. Runtime: 141 mins.


Jared Letto, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger, Rhys Ifrans, Natasha Little.


In the year 2092 the human race has achieve quasi-immortality and the last mortal, Nemo Nobody (Letto) is 118 years old and on the verge of death. 521 more words

Film Review

Video of the Day - Nemo Truck Part 4

If you were wondering what happened to part 3…. we skipped it, it was boring.

Part 4 however is a perfect example of how to maximize the space available to you by placing larger items under the box/cab when possible