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Neo Turf Masters

NEO GEO – Nazca Corporation 1996

I know.  The name Turf Masters sounds like a game about landscaping rather than golf.  But don’t let that dissuade you.   147 more words


eBay and the Wave of "BIN" Only Listings

Well, summer has been amazing so far. The sun is out and there’s nothing better than a bit of BBQ weather. Consequently, the Blast City hasn’t really had a lot of work put in to it or play time. 258 more words


NEOGEO Pad USB - some thoughts and a review

For quite a few years I’ve been enjoying fighting games, from the SNES classics like Street Fighter 2 Turbo to the PlayStation greats like Soul Blade and Tekken, and more recently the modern fighters like Street Fighter 4. 1,451 more words

Favorite Characters - South Town

Yeah, this is kind of a cheat since South Town is a location and not actually a character. But in a way, it is a character because of how much personality it adds to the games that use it as a backdrop. 408 more words

Video Games

Viewpoint - 3rd Level Does Exist

About 15 years ago I finally stumped up about £70 (just over $100) for this beautiful isometric shooting game on SNK’s fabled NeoGeo console. I couldn’t get the Japanese version (nicer box art) but I was more than content with the European version because the game was no different. 518 more words