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Detroit, other US cities ripping off public workers to fund stadiums

Taxpayers face major cuts to their negotiated benefits yet remain on the hook for a $283 million gaudy new arena in the bankrupt city DAVID SIROTA… 740 more words

Something is Rotten in the Neo-Liberal Paradigm

What is ne0-liberalism? In a nutshell it is a reduction in government spending to increase the private sector slice of the economic pie. Sounds good? Well, of course it does if you are a free-market advocate who sees profit as the absolute end game of all creation. 234 more words



The different treatment of three recent sets of fatality statistics, indicate once again the unbridled hypocrisy of the Anglo-Saxon, neo-con elite and their supporters. First, there are the 295 casualties suffered by those aboard Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. 1,405 more words


New series: Liberalism in Neoliberal times - dimensions, contradictions, limits | openDemocracy

Raymond Williams once suggested that the term ‘liberal has, at first sight, so clear a political meaning that some of its further associations are puzzling”. This, as Williams demonstrated, is partly because the word itself has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the 14th century. 113 more words

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The overall trend has been to strengthen the oligarchic and weaken the democratic tendencies of constitutional governments.