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rise of far-right-wing extremist parties in Europe a danger to Jewish community: I'm looking at you EJC

The rise of far-right-wing extremist parties in Europe seems like something we’ve seen before, time and time again. And that “something” usually culminates in racial violence, hate crimes, propaganda, and military states. 500 more words

Exploring the Freedom Zombie cranium

The temptation to consider this transmutation (Freedom Zombie) as still part of the human species is ever present. One would say they are normal people, they eat and drink just like you and I, that they enjoy life, that they are upbeat or perhaps are positive people and of course almost always educated. 618 more words


Interview with encircled Junta troops

War is a devastating thing that seems like childs play when we see it from our screens or read a headline in the news paper. The reality is that at the end of the day war is a lose – lose game. 150 more words


Nazi Junta in Ukraine dealt a major blow

The Nazi forces, armed and directed by the USA, have been dealt a serious blow on the southern cauldron. They had attempted to encircle the defence forces by launching a major operation at the beginning of this month. 105 more words


America continues to fund Nazis in Ukraine

America, living up to its true self, continues to fund Nazis in Ukraine. Nazis who continue to bomb civilians, murder innocents and torture,rape and pillage in the course of their “Anti – Terror Operation”. 91 more words


Ukrainian Nazis crucify a baby and force mother to watch then murder her

Sorry to interrupt your KFC meal and World Cup celebrations but that hard working gift of the gods, Obama, is quite something. Here is what he has been funding with your tax dollars: 7 more words


Article: Ukraine President Threatens Resistance with Nazi Style Reprisal Killings | OpEdNews

Poroshenko and his comrades were reacting to a major resistance victory against Ukraine’s regular army. Somewhere between 20 and 40 Ukrainian troops were killed in an attack by resistance forces under the command of Igor Strelkov. 173 more words