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Do not miss the free e-book - Graph Databases

Recently I went to a Meetup organized by Neo4j. During the Meetup they provided us with a free paperback version of the book: Graph Databases by Ian Robinson, Ian Webber and Emil Eifrem… 56 more words


Orbital Project [Apollo 11] - Graphpedia

During the summer vacation, I joined the Orbital project in SoC. This is a module-bearing project for SoC freshmen to get some experience in developing real-life applications(mainly web app or mobile app). 941 more words


Getting Neo4j up and running on Ubuntu 14.04 and Hyper-V

I’m not an Ubuntu guy, and while trying to follow some guides on how to install Neo4j on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine, I failed both one and two times. 603 more words


Installing/setting up Neo4j/Cipher-query-terminal in ubuntu

Fascinated by the world of Graphs??Ever wondered how to install/setup the popular graphDB neo4j and the local console to execute your cipher queries (The Graph DB queries) ??If so , read on :D321 more words


Neo4j Proof Of Concept: Finding Tube stations at a specific travel time

A  Neo4j PoC/Demo I’ve been working on, to demonstrate an algorithm to determine paths with specified (rather than min or max) costs in a Graph. 7 more words


Starting with graph databases (Neo4j shell) - step 3

In Step 1 of this tutorial we installed the Neo4j server, in Step 2 we ran some simple Cypher commands to create a graph node. In Step 3 we use Cypher to create a node in the Neo4j shell. 153 more words

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Getting started with Neo4J and security data analysis

During a recent study module for a MSc I am undertaking we discussed the importance of continuous monitoring of data sources as part of a sound security defensive strategy. 996 more words

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