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Test Driven Graph Modelling

In this session we’ll look at how you can design and develop your graph application test by test. Focussing on developing Cypher queries and unmanaged extensions, we’ll develop a suite of tests that then allow us to refactor our graph data model and migrate its data in line with changes to our application’s business requirements. 79 more words


Why graphs are important for social PLM strategy?

I want to continue my series of thoughts about PLM and social technologies. If you missed the beginning, you can catch up here – It is not easy to add social to PLM… 397 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Music at the speed of flash

If you’re a techie like the members of the Bandtrace team you might be interested in hearing Bandtrace CEO Tommy Wassgren talk about how the Bandtrace website is hosted in the cloud on SSD-based storage.



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Crunchbase recently converted its backend database to a Neo4j graph database. This will give it great flexibility in the future, but for now, the data is exposed similarly to how it always has been: individual entities are retrieved and attribute data must be used to form edges between them prior to any graph analysis. 16 more words


Java: Schedule a job to run on a time interval

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Recently I’ve spent some time building a set of tests around rolling upgrades between Neo4j versions and as part of that I wanted to log the state of the cluster as the upgrade was happening. 34 more words


Spring Data Neo4j


Spring Data Neo4j jest częścią projektu Spring Data oraz jednym z wielu projektów wchodzących w skład Spring Framework. Spring Data pozwala w łatwy i szybki sposób tworzyć zapytania do bazy danych. 817 more words


install and run coucheDB ,MongoDB , Redis , Neo4j

CoucheDB : install

RedHat-based (Fedora, Centos, RHEL) Systems:

sudo yum install autoconf
sudo yum install autoconf-archive
sudo yum install automake
sudo yum install curl-devel
sudo yum install erlang-asn1
sudo yum install erlang-erts
sudo yum install erlang-eunit
sudo yum install erlang-os_mon
sudo yum install erlang-xmerl
sudo yum install help2man
sudo yum install js-devel
sudo yum install libicu-devel
sudo yum install libtool
sudo yum install perl-Test-Harness

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