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my EuroPython notes

After a long pause, i want to share my EuroPython 2014 notes. First of all, i should talk about financial grants. Because i received a grant from the organisation. 154 more words


Java: Determining the status of data import using kill signals

Java: Determining the status of data import using kill signals

A few weeks ago I was working on the initial import of ~ 60 million bits of data into Neo4j and we kept running into a problem where the import process just seemed to freeze and nothing else was imported. 167 more words


Neo4j, py2neo, Neomodel - Cypher Shortest Path giving error - TypeError: 'NotImplementedType' object is not callable

I’m trying to run the following Cypher query in neomodel:

MATCH (b1:Bal { text:'flame' }), (b2:Bal { text:'candle' }), 
p = shortestPath((b1)-[*..15]-(b2)) 

which works great on neo4j via the server console. 213 more words


Neo4Art moves to Cloud Foundry at SpringOne 2GX 2014

I’m really proud to write this post about the oversea trip for Neo4Art. Last week in fact Neo4Art was¬†presented at SpringOne 2GX conference in Dallas as live-demo during… 1,948 more words


Example Graph

So.. above is a brief and rough example of what I am considering.

There is one ‘node’ named 1718 that isn’t showing whats inside correctly (the number 1718 is the id number of the node itself.. 476 more words


One of the key things in the GenTech Data Model, was that they wished to see a better standard of evidence based research being created. The familiar site on the Ancestry sites, are trees that are cobbled together on the merest sniff of similarity.   743 more words