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Profile: Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is a prominent British neoconservative ideologue.  He is currently the Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society.

On extra-judicial assassinations Torture

Douglas Murray has defended the use of US drone attacks and shockingly, even torture in the form of water-boarding. 1,296 more words


The problem with neocons, in one paragraph

James Miller and Pierre Vaux both write for The Interpreter, which specializes in translating and analyzing Russian media for the English audience. They’ve obviously got some Opinions about Ukraine, which generally slot into the “where’s my damn World War III already, Obama?” category, and so they… 483 more words

Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

The Market is the Master

There is a vague sense of a new order growing up around us. Sometimes there’s a brief glimpse of it. Sometimes late at night there’s a whisper of it on the wind. 1,106 more words

Random Thoughts - 1/12/15

Haven’t done one of these in a good long while..

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Gas is cheap as hell right now. Oil has crashed pretty hard these past few months. 500 more words

Random Thoughts

Repost-A Few Quotations: Leo Strauss On John Locke

A quick quotation.  Leo Strauss On John Locke:

‘Hobbes identified the rational life with the life dominated by the fear of fear, by the fear which relieves us from fear.  

658 more words
Public Debate

A Fascistoid Republican Caught on Film

These neoconservative Republicans are aggressively and unrepentantly fascist and proud! Which is not something that we get from the very staid “two party”, “debate” that we receive via the corporate MSM. 47 more words

Us News

"Uncivilised" Douglas Murray Suggests there are "Degrees" of Torture which is Justified

In a shocking video in which anti-Muslim, neocon Director of the Henry Jackson Society Douglas Murray downplays the recent revelations from the report investigating CIA’s torture, he states that there are “degrees” of torture in response to Diane Abbot’s reprimanding.  119 more words

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