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Theresa May Extremism

Against Human Rights

BBC reported that she has stated that the Cons would consider leaving the European Convention on Human Rights if they were elected in 2015 because it restricted UK’s ability to… 499 more words


Michael Gove Extremism

Michael Gove, formerly the Secretary of State for Education.  He is currently the chief whip.  He is a signatory to the statement of principles for the noted Islamophobic neoconservative think-tank Henry Jackson Society. 833 more words


Quote of the Week: John Gray, "Black Mass"

In America the Right has splintered between neo-conservative ideologues and paleo-conservative nativists. The common factor in these disparate currents is that conservatism has ceased to be a coherent political project. 81 more words


William Shawcross Extremism

Controversial Appointment

Both the Labour and the Lib Dem MPs criticised Shawcross.  MPs drew the attention of their concern at his pre-appointment hearing highlighting his extreme political views, bias towards the conservative party, and his resultant lack of impartiality.   677 more words


The Rolling Stones - Sweet Neo Con

Timeless protest songs aren’t so direct, but perhaps Keith and Mick were not trying to be metaphorical back in 2005. The song takes on George W. 159 more words


(Hat tip to the website Critical Thinking for this most excellent piece.  Worth the read, indeed.)

The End of Democracy as we Knew it…

901 more words
Political Economy

My Thoughts on the BBC Trojan Hoax "Debate"

Throughout my blogs on this farce of epic proportions that has been the Trojan Hoax, I have repeatedly highlighted that despite issues in governance, there has been a discriminatory tone and treatment punctuating the discourse specifically targeting the Muslim minority, architecting a perception that governance-related issues, “nepotism” and other allegations were exclusively a Muslim problem. 890 more words

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