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The Henry Jackson Society – “Political Propaganda Masquerading as Education”

Having gone through in detail regarding the incredibly biased and prejudiced former member of the board of Directors of the Henry Jackson Society (William Shawcross… 3,225 more words

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"What is Liberal Democracy? Exploring a Problematic Term," By Paul Gottfried

This essay was authored by Paul Gottfried for Nomocracy in Politics

As a young faculty member at Rockford College forty years ago, my divisional chairman, who was a devout Straussian, once told me that a faculty colleague did not believe in “liberal democracy.” I’ve no idea how my superior arrived at this discovery, but he was clearly incensed and felt “real enmity” for people who didn’t see any difference between “liberal democracy and other forms of government.” My superior also shared with me a text he was then working on that showed definitively that Marx “rejected liberal democracy.” The strange thing is that up until the moment I listened to these harangues, I had never encountered the term “liberal democracy” and when I first heard it used (at age thirty-one), I thought it was a reference to Democrats who had endorsed George McGovern. 4,398 more words

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The inconvenient fact that words mean things

Reihan Salam has a very Hot Take in Slate, “Why I Am Still a Neocon,” in which he says he is still a neoconservative because, well, here’s what he wrote: 1,177 more words

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William Shawcross – The Neocon, Zionist, Anti-Muslim Head of the Charity Commission

Muslim charities have been coming under intense scrutiny of late, and it seems that it is no coincidence that this discriminatory treatment of the Muslim charities is in synchrony with Shawcross’s appointment. 1,897 more words

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Who the Neocons Really Are…



A good priest commended the last three paragraphs of this long piece to me (I broke the first paragraph in two for stylistic reasons). 574 more words


Neoconservatives Use Moral Relativism to Blame Progressivism for Islamic Misogyny

(Tommy Raskin)– The neoconservative camp, always eager to wrestle with imaginary positions of their opponents, is now bravely challenging another belief that no one holds, which is that “all cultures are equal” in every way. 720 more words