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Republicans Should Divorce Neoconservatism

“Isolationist.” That’s the word I am oftentimes met with when talking foreign policy with other Republicans. “Isolationism doesn’t work,” they say. “We must respond to threats or we’ll be just like the British before World War II,” citing Britain’s appeasement to Hitler which ultimately ended up in failure. 708 more words

Foreign Policy

War on IS the mystery monster

By Ameen Izzadeen
Thirteen long years after the terror attacks on the United States, it appears that the war on terror will go on till kingdom come. 1,057 more words

Political Analysis

Independent Scotland is not about Nationalism

The new poll putting Yes ahead for the first time appears to have awoken many people down south.  Maybe some people in the main stream media and elite of society do get it now and this panics them.   509 more words

United Kingdom

Deep State Blues

I have the “deep state” blues. Reading the speech President Obama gave in Estonia it’s clear that the neoconservatives, who were such a feature of the the Bush Administration, are still calling the shots. 581 more words

Will Republican foreign policy look just like Hillary's in 2016--or will the GOP offer an alternative?

U.S. foreign policy is a bipartisan fiasco. George W. Bush gave the American people Iraq, the gift that keeps on giving. Barack Obama is a slightly more reluctant warrior, but he is taking the country back into Iraq. 609 more words