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Why Aren't Conservatives Non-Interventionists?

In Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address, he listed what he considered to be “the essential principles of our Government.”  Among providing “equal and exact justice to all men,” supporting the state governments, and preserving the Federal Government “in its whole constitutional vigor,”  were the following precepts: “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, 950 more words

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Neoconservatism is a Jewish Marxist Ideology

Neoconservatism is as much of a plague on humanity as liberalism and is most definitely Marxist and Judaic in its roots. It manifested in the early 1970s and started among disaffected – mostly Jewish – liberals and some former leftists from the Schactmanite branch of Trotskyism who were upset at mainstream liberalism’s “unwillingness” to confront the Soviet Union and its “soft” stance on national security, and aversion to the counterculture. 930 more words

Republican hawks won the midterms, that doesn't mean they have to win the foreign policy debate

Conservatives are right to celebrate last week’s Republican victories. The new Senate majority in particular is an opportunity to further check the Obama administration—and showcase conservative policies ahead of the 2016 presidential election. 769 more words

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You don’t hear the word “neoconservative” very often these days. It’s funny that, considering how much press the neoconservatives received not long ago, when they were high-level foreign policy advisers to President George W. 551 more words


Republicans Should Divorce Neoconservatism

“Isolationist.” That’s the word I am oftentimes met with when talking foreign policy with other Republicans. “Isolationism doesn’t work,” they say. “We must respond to threats or we’ll be just like the British before World War II,” citing Britain’s appeasement to Hitler which ultimately ended up in failure. 708 more words

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