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Criteria for a Client State

Historically, in order for any country to be a stable US client state, it does not only have to remain obedient, it must also remain weak. 21 more words


Dissolving the state is not the same as independence

I would really like to know what is the strategic logic of this? Is it supposed to inspire others to “rise up” against the regime with homemade bombs? 187 more words


Un-Capitalist Capitalism

Anti-Globalization is an inaccurate term, because Globalization is an inaccurate term. Anti-Capitalist is not accurate either because Neoliberalism is not really Capitalism; it’s an extreme mutation creating enslaved markets, rather than free markets. 122 more words


Washington Consensus - One of the shortest and best explanation – in English and Sebial - prepared by Prof. stanko Radmilovic

The term “Washington Consensus” is now very famous and infamous phrase often in discussions on trade and development. It is often considered as a synonym of “neoliberalism” and “globalization.” As the creator of the phrase John Williamson said: “The public around the world believe that means a set of neoliberal policies imposed on countries through the ill-fated Washington-based international financial institutions that led them to crisis and misery. 1,205 more words


Political Change or Economic Change?

Is it possible to achieve economic change without achieving political change first?

When political institutions are dominated by the power of the private economy, by multinational corporations and foreign investors, or even domestic private business interests, they become impervious to popular influence. 95 more words


Independence from Corporate Occupation

Achieving economic and political independence is the prerequisite to achieving Islamic government.

If the fight in Egypt is not against the international corporate occupiers, not against the neoliberal conquest and enslavement of Egypt; then it is not meaningful.


Gordon Brown's Lies about Labour and the NHS in Scotland

By Jo Murphy-Lawless, Trinity College Dublin, and Nadine Edwards, Pregnancy and Parents Centre, Edinburgh.

In yesterday’s Herald, 10th September, Gordon Brown described how well Scotland’s NHS had supported him and his wife at the time of the tragic death of their baby daughter, in the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 2002. 343 more words

Gordon Brown

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Gordon Brown and the rest of the Labour Party like to tell us how it was their party that created the National Health Service. That's true. But what is equally true is the way the Blair and then Brown governments handed over millions of pounds worth of contracts to private companies under the Private Finance Initiative or PFI. Brown, who has recently been seen in Scotland in a desperate bid to save the Better Together campaign, is damaged goods. No one will ever trust him or his party again and it's his and Blair's fault. The Scottish Labour Party, too, is guilty because they refused to make a clean break with their English cousins. Johann Lamont, the party leader, has hopelessly tied herself to the same rotten neoliberal economic policies as Blair and Brown. A Yes vote is not only good for Scotland, it's also good for British politics. Saor Alba! Bon Accord! Vive la revolution!