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Taking control of the future of the city

What are cities? How do they work? Ruth Lorimer asks basic questions that outline a fresh Marxist approach to grasping what neoliberal capitalism is doing to our urban spaces. 1,809 more words


Inoculation against bosses’ lies

Ian Allinson discusses how his workplace gained confidence through exposing their bosses’ lies

In 2003 I went on strike for the first time. We wanted improved sick pay, increased pay and equal pay. 468 more words


Having no job is a daily grind in itself - on unemployment.

Mary Turner writes about her son struggling to find work.

My son is shy and does not always mix well with other people. He lacks certain social skills, but he is a lovely person and sensitive to other people’s needs. 446 more words



With the recent development of the Occupy Movement, public criticism of neoliberalism has climaxed since the onset of a global financial crisis in late 2008. 208 more words


The dullness of work

A university admin worker writes about their job.

My job is boring. I’m an admin worker at a popular university in Northeast England. I’ve done the same job for several years. 677 more words


rs21 Political Weekend: Social reproduction

Estelle Cooch’s meeting on social reproduction kicked off a debate about the precarious and contradictory positions that neoliberalism tries to straddle when it comes to women. 1,084 more words