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cruel optimism

We are told we need hope when there is none. Hope is the lingua franca in a society in which the relationship between work and the expected dividends of that work are broken - when you work your ass off and get nowhere.  398 more words

Brave New World

"The models [in economics] are all wrong.., but we work with wrong models because they are simple, and - of course - because they are useful."

“The models are all wrong. Many people have emphasized that point… That’s what makes economics different. These things are all invalid, but we work with wrong models because they are simple, and – of course – because they are useful.” (Stephen D. 14 more words


US Foreign Aid, the Promotion of Democracy, and Preservation of Security

Maxwell Counihan is an undergraduate student studying International Relations with a focus on Foreign Policy & National Security at the American University School of International Service. 829 more words


Book Review: Philip Mirowski, "Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste"

Reading the works of Philip Mirowski is always a guarantee of an idiosyncratic, challenging, and invigorating take on the history of economic thought. Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste  2,546 more words


Mathematical Man

The Turing test always rested on the presumption that we have some obvious and clear example of the pre-computerized subject against which to compare the ambiguous example.

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millicentg--- Monopoly: The Secret Socialist Board Game You Never Got To Play

Growing up most of us have at some point played a board game. Many childhood favorites include Clue, Shoots and Ladders, Candyland, Life, and Monopoly. Could the board games we grow up playing teach us about Neoliberalism? 276 more words

Resistance to Global Inequality: An Unintended Effect of Globalization

Brenda B. Pulido

Graduate Student

Based in Downey/ Long Beach, CA

It comes to no surprise that last month a U.S. district court ruled, of course, that a $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron, a multinational U.S. 629 more words