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The Unsettling Rise of the House of Saud, Part II - Uncle Sam's Petrochemical Romance

Oil. Lovely, thick, viscous, jet-black crude oil, shooting out of the ground like a geyser of liquid money. Dip your finger in and taste the taste of purest finance, all luxurious and silky and earthy. 2,705 more words


Against the TTIP

The European Empire is hoping to tie the bands between the USA and the EU tighter by creating a free-trade area covering both – TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – which will create an even larger empire than the EU has become. 140 more words


Have you heard the one about the politician and the tea lady?

As a general rule, for a “political” blogger, I don’t really write that much about what politicians say or do. I usually find it’s simplest to just start off assuming that whoever’s in power is going to try and screw us over, and then move on to the more interesting question of what we’re going to do about it without worrying too much about the details. 636 more words

The Media

Unite In the Community

Launched in 2011, Unite Community membership, gives anyone who is not in work a chance to join Britain’s biggest union and combine with their working colleagues in campaigning for an improved standard of living for all. 425 more words

A Not-So-Much Guide to the Self-Marketing Soundbite: Basic Foreign Language Teacher Edition

Let me start off by saying that I’m not the best at self-marketing. And while it is partially because I think the capitalist model of human interaction is trash, it’s mostly because I repeatedly make the idiotic mistake of assuming that other people will give me an opportunity to explain more about myself at a later date. 1,146 more words

The Neoliberal Hell of Honduras

From Danielle Marie Mackey at TNR:

Of the nearly 13,000 municipal residents, Raul is one of 300 who have formal employment, according to the mayor’s estimate.

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Economic Disasters

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“Entrepreneurship has long been seen as an important instrument in stimulating and generating economic growth. The amount of research trying to identify key factors that drive entrepreneurship is considerable; yet, little consensus has been achieved. 397 more words