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Ukrainian journalist calls for genocide!

The US/EU/NATO terror plan with Nazi foot soldiers is coming to bear fruit finally! Obama must be thrilled at the prospects of this bloodlust!


Screwed by my dissertation.

I’m meant to have started my dissertation months ago. I go back to university in a month and I have nothing. I have a general idea but no idea how to move on from there. 191 more words

An interesting talk between David Graeber & Thomas Piketty on debt, capitalism, neoliberalism & inequality

Graeber: “Our feelings of helplessness stem from the fact that for thirty years the tools of persuasion and coercion have been mobilized to wage an ideological war for capitalism, rather than to create conditions for capitalism to remain viable. 80 more words


Interview: Mark Ravenhill

*Originally written for A Younger Theatre*

“They can be quite unnerving,” Mark Ravenhill says of the Secret Theatre company, suggesting that their 12 months of working together has given way to a kind of openness he hasn’t come across in many rehearsal rooms. 1,328 more words


“Justice” for a billionaire, none for the state he ripped off

There has been much cheering across the corporate media about the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ordering the Russian government to pay more than US$51 billion as compensation for confiscating the assets of Yukos, yet silence concerning the original theft of the company by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. 1,042 more words


The Empire tightens its grips.

Let hope beautiful New Zealand does not follow suit! This is such a beautiful country and the people have no ill will towards anyone. We are being dragged against our will just like the rest of the people of the “International Community”. 178 more words


Trust Me (I hate you)

Alongside tackling climate change and fighting psycho-capitalism one of the challenges of modern life is keeping up with all the high-qual TV series coming out of the US. 2,144 more words