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A People's Manifesto

Unite In the Community are proud to share our manifesto with you

A People’s Manifesto – by Unite Community

Unite Community has been set up as a section of Unite the Union with the aim of bringing the benefits of trade unionism to those not normally eligible to join a trade union/not in work.  1,282 more words

The One Party Planet summary of neoliberal domination and opposition

An activist organization called The Rules wrote The One Party Planet pamphlet in 2014 that outlines the impact of neoliberal capitalist elites, the Neoliberal Party governing the world. 400 more words

Global Problems

Presentation on Urban Regeneration: Transactive Planning and Post-Modern Neoliberal Planning

Course Name: Planning Theory, History and Ethics
Description: Considering the topic of Urban Regeneration from two different planning paradigms, this presentation, as an accompaniment to a term paper, was intended to reveal the differences in the practical manifestation of two different theories in planning. 24 more words

Course Work

Why Ferguson

CNN and other mainstream media were quick to lay the blame for what happened in Ferguson to undying racism: “We have a race problem,” they admitted. 223 more words

Sui Giornali/In The News

A different kind of liberty demands a different liberal art

I’ve been working on a project with my friend, Tim Barouch, on the ways in which the field of rhetoric (and the Humanities more broadly) articulates its relationship to modern political and economic pressures. 826 more words

Consumer Culture

Choosing your choices: The neoliberal marketing of skin bleaching creams

“There are many pleasant fictions of the law in constant operation, but there is not one so pleasant or practically humorous as that which supposes every man to be of equal value in its impartial eye, and the benefits of all laws to be equally attainable by all men, without the smallest reference to the furniture of their pockets” (

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