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The Establishment Conspiracy to defeat Independence for Scotland

John  Macnamara contributes a guest post on the result of the Scottish independence referendum held last Thursday. I think it significant that many stalwart Labor voters defied the Labor party in the working-class centers of Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire, Dundee and North Lanarkshire, which all registered a majority for independence. 1,350 more words

Political Analysis

Labour's minimum wage announcement is much weaker than it seems

Ed Miliband goes into this week’s Labour Party Conference with another ‘big’ announcement. He is pledging to raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour. 232 more words


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      Business as usual... no real change. And what, if anything, does Ed have to say about raising benefits in line with inflation ?

Dissolving the state is not the same as independence

I would really like to know what is the strategic logic of this? Is it supposed to inspire others to “rise up” against the regime with homemade bombs? 187 more words


Preemptive Counter-Revolution

French farmers protested in Brittany last night against taxation, bureaucracy, and the drop in vegetable prices. They set fire to the MSA agricultural mutual insurance building, and torched the local tax office.   176 more words


Why I Don't Leave It On The Field

There are two interesting and contradictory trends in fitness I keep seeing. The first is the “leave it on the field” (or workout ’til you vomit) trend and the latter is, seemingly, a backlash, mostly found in more feminist (whether explicitly or not), body-positive spaces that argues training and movement should be additive–they should positively benefit you and support your other activities rather than eclipsing them. 1,123 more words

Body Love

Henry Giroux, Neoliberalism, and the War on Youth.

Social critic Henry A. Giroux offers some interesting and powerful insights into the social, cultural, political, economic, and historical “moment” in which we live today. Below, I take a brief look at some of his work and the ideas, including the war-mongering and “death-dealing” of modern-day “zombie politicians,” the on-going erosion of the social-contract, and how youth today have been “sold off” to big-business and corporations. 1,212 more words


Un-Capitalist Capitalism

Anti-Globalization is an inaccurate term, because Globalization is an inaccurate term. Anti-Capitalist is not accurate either because Neoliberalism is not really Capitalism; it’s an extreme mutation creating enslaved markets, rather than free markets. 122 more words