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euphonicterrorism: the use of music or sound as a weapon against a specific cross-section of people for the purposes of control both physically and mentally.

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Anglish the Mindworm

If you follow my blog, you’ll have noticed something by now. Asides from the inherently obscure, niche-like nerdiness of it, that is. Namely, I tend to have periods, lasting a few days to a few months, of fairly intense blogging, followed by months or even years of no activity whatsoever. 529 more words


On time and its speeds : Treacle time

Time’s a funny thing. It’s the fourth dimension, that which keeps us aware of our surroundings and yet that which distracts us most, especially  when the minutes seem to go at a different speed than they’re supposed to. 583 more words


Fametimidation:(Noun) the state of anxiety, timidity, and awkward muteness experienced upon meeting a celebrity author, actor, musician or other professional idol in real life; adjective and verb forms: fametimidated, fametimidating… 22 more words


Two Neologisms: One Good, One Bad

Good: “Sadomonetarism”.

Paul Krugman:

 …Europe in particular is struggling with dangerously low inflation. Has the BIS changed its prescriptions? No, it’s just changed the reason for demanding the same thing.

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