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One of the best things about the English language has to be its flexibility; the way we can be creative with words to find new meanings. 437 more words

New words for new things.

A neologism should be coined when something new cannot be conveniently described with existing words. The imperatives of marketing and academia make it impossible to follow this simple maxim.


In the middle of this unlit labyrinth,
there remains the warm light of thisness,
accompanied by an Euphoria of colourful delight
of March.

Bees and Beetles humming pollened grace… 125 more words

Birthday Poems

Raining here

It is always Friday somewhere
just as it is always raining,

It is raining here,
and every drop reminds me of tender raindrops and oceans… 89 more words

Shittu Fowora

Corpus Delicti

Ask Oscar if Pistols and Pistorious are allies
or simply related by virtue of “P”
ask Ayo Arowolo how to grow balls,
chant Jesu! Jesu! Jesu! 184 more words


300 Dancing Girls

Inception / 緣起:

  •  “300″ is a global big word through pop culture, but, is there a deeper meaning in it?
  • 「300」是一個全球流行文化創造出來的知名符碼,但是,它有更深的意涵嗎?

About / 關於:

  • The purpose of the work of art is aiming to form possible new concepts to seek a deeper meaning in “300″ through a planned conceptualization among found objects, existing concepts and happening events, and by means of art of assemblage, art of illusions, happening art and nonlinear narrative, the process shown as below.
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Conceptualization / 概念形塑

The Accelerated Velocity of Neologisms

How do new words come into common practice?
This article isn’t about the science of why or how words are created. This article is about the utilization of words that are unintentionally exercised and why we should be intentionally innovating additions to our own language. 358 more words

Academic Anomalies