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Adjectives After State-Of-Being Verbs

Humpty Dumpty asked,
Are you master or the word?
Truly amazeballs.


Increase your word power


(i) A person who advances their position or status by unthinkingly conforming with prevailing opinion.

(ii) A contemporary pagan (as opposed to pre-Christian era pagans) 53 more words



“I’m not good with numbers.”
“Me neither.”
“We are dyscalculic.”
“Is there a female form?”


followee (n): one who is followed

     ant. follower

     syn. leader, perhaps?

I haven’t checked the OED yet, but I think this could be my frindle… 11 more words

Taste in knowledge

‘Taste in knowledge’ is a term that I came up with during a conversation last year. It’s self-explanatory to a degree, but I’ll try to clarify the concept and explain the way I use it. 403 more words

Uncle Josh coins a neologism

Erin McKean told us to make up new words, and tonight I have done just that.

Isting. (verb): To declare, without provocation, something as racist, sexist, ageist, or some other disparaging term, in order to sound superior. 88 more words

"Orinso asks Viola (Cesario) to try to swoon Olivia to like him…"

You may think at first that my student was writing about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, but the character-name “Orinso” suggests something more in the soap-opera line… 515 more words

Student Writing