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My denverhogs

I dyed the denverhogs in secrecy
in purply braccora of decency
to hide them from the masterclones
larching down on plastered songs

we tied the sewerlog relentlessly… 66 more words



Are there words in English for these? Should there be?  500 more words


Qu’est-ce que sup with Madame Maxime?

For the last couple of years, I have been slowly making my way through French Harry Potter. It’s great. I’ve vastly improved my vocabulary, especially my knowledge of… 1,124 more words


Fun words - #typochondriac + #momager

Do you like new words people make up? Often they combine or tweak existing words to describe something new.

This post was inspired by a message that made me laugh – from a mother who jokingly shared how she dreamed of her daughter becoming an international model and her (the mother) escaping an office job to become a mum/mom-manager – a… 269 more words

What is a mot-valise?


A mot-valise is the French word for what we call a portmanteau in English. The OED succinctly defines “portmanteau” or “portmanteau word” as “A word formed by blending sounds from two or more distinct words and combining their meanings.” 480 more words