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Talking to Those Who Don't Understand Wicca or Neo-Paganism

Invariably when you self-identify with a group that is not in the majority and are at all vocal about it, you’re going to have people who are confused, curious and sometimes downright hostile, especially in faith and religion. 883 more words


Paganism Without Gods

Hello, I have a question about paganism without gods. Is it possible? What does worshiping the triple goddess or the horned god achieve, if instead you’d prefer to appreciate the world around you.

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21 July 2014. Video. Four Ways of Saying "Glory to Rus!"


This is from Arkona… yes, they’re rodnovery neopagans, but this is good hard-driving patriotic metal. Enjoy!


Here’s an abridged version of the last chorus of Glinka’s… 100 more words


Protection using Candles, Stones & Sage

As promised, last night we had a wonderful discussion about Protection live on WCJV radio. The section below is a recap of how to protect yourself using Candles, Stones & Sage. 1,827 more words

The Power of Thought

We would like to Thank everyone for tuning into last nights show on “Karma”, Wow, what a mind bender! Thank you everyone for your input and Karma is truly something to think about over the next few weeks. 54 more words