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Hypatia of Alexandria and NASA

The NASA website, appropriately and to their credit, has a page on the Neoplatonist Hypatia.

The text states:

‘Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world’s leading scholars in mathematics and astronomy. 279 more words


Epitome of Plotinus' Enneads 1.3: On Dialectic, or the Upward Way

Plotinus: Dialectic, or The Upward Journey.  The Enneads 1.3,  Stephen MacKenna (transl.), London, 1917–1930.

Our journey is to the Good.

What art or method will bring us there? 441 more words


Book review: Porphyrian Problem(s) with Identity in Late Antiquity

Over at Marginalia, Todd Berzon has published a very interesting review of Aaron Johnson’s recent monograph, Porphyry and the Limits of Hellenism, which promises to stir up plenty of conversation amongst students of Neoplatonism, early Christianity, and religion in Late Antiquity more generally. 31 more words


The Platonic Triad

There is confusion about the Platonic Triad of higher Forms. Let’s clear this up.

  1. Often the Triad is given as Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.   Because these are all Forms, it might be more technically accurate to refer here to the…
  2. 982 more words

Fleshy Theology

What’s the point of having a body?

As a college student, I remember finding my body an inconvenient obstruction to being in all the places I wanted to be at the same time. 888 more words


Book reviews: new edition of Iamblichus' commentary on Nicomachus; new work on Derrida and Neoplatonism

Bryn Mawr Classical Review has just published two reviews which may be of interest to readers. First is the eminent John M. Dillon’s discussion of the new critical edition by Nicolas Vinel of Iamblichus of Chalcis’ Commentary on the Introduction to Arithmetic (itself authored by the seminal, second-century Neopythagorean Nicomachus of Gerasa). 105 more words