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No revenge of the nerds?


It is buying voters. If the vote was restricted to useful productive citizens, or at least those capable of basic skills, everything would improve.

The Mandate of Heaven

In my last post, I discussed what makes a good ruler. Specifically, I concluded that the great Roman Emperors were not characterized by their adherence to any one system of rule; they were not traditionalists. 1,375 more words


What everyone is missing about that Feminazi

I am sorry to say I have encountered this woman and her opinions before. They are not uncommon among academics.


They are focusing on the wrong section in commentary, the 90% dead. 563 more words


The Jezebel raid by 4chan is tumblr's fault


I have a position which allows me to connect the dots here.


The Social Justice Warrior princesses who decided to try and take on among the most hardcore perverts on the entire net just because they look at Johnlock erotic fanart featuring red pants found out what a real raid looks like. 355 more words

Shut up, the Middle Class are doing great

at the expense of the poor.

The plight of the middle was also outlined in a recent article by Daily Telegraph columnist Judith Woods. ‘Here, in the realm of the crushed and the credit crunched, the taxed and the troubled, where there’s no child benefit, no help with university fees, no chance of getting the kids on the property ladder and no professional job security, aspirations are on ice.’

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Nanny State turns its evil eye to alcoholics

Are you watching closely, America? This could be you.


It’s fair, they take up most A&Es on Friday and Saturday nights. Modern alcohol is too strong and too cheap. 130 more words