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We are living in a felliniesque world...

Had Federico Fellini not died in 1993, we would have celebrated his 95th birthday this week. One of the giants of the Italian post-war, neorealist cinema has influenced our lives probably more significantly than we have ever thought. 443 more words

Anita Ekberg

Bellissima (1951) - Luchino Visconti

A powerful film by the end and certainly a thorough analysis of the ‘stage mom’ phenomenon as it played out in Italian cinema. Magnani is wonderful of course but her character is often unbearable – very unlikeably pushy! 33 more words

Art Cinema

Enigmatic Menace

Realism, Liberalism, neo-realism, neoliberalism, constructivism, neo-constructivism, neoneoconstructivism?… the theoretical frameworks that offer lenses through which we can view International Relations. Each claiming monopoly over truth or that they rectify deficiencies of the former, each taking up more than their fair share of IR text books and bragging ceremoniously about what ‘school’ they came from. 718 more words


Mid-Century Photos Capture Slices of Postwar Italy Life

After the end of World War II and the downfall of dictator Benito Mussolini, a new movement was born in Italy: Neorealism, which realistically portrayed the desperate conditions of the poor and the working class after the war. 249 more words


Half Moon (2006) - Bahman Ghobadi

Famous Kurdish composer and musician Mamo compels his ten semi-willing, middle-aged sons to travel by bus with him from Iran to Iraqi Kurdistan for a concert. 50 more words

Art Cinema

Advent Film Cycle - Week 3 - Cammina Cammina

The Film/The Director

Ermanno Olmi is one of my favourite hidden gems of the Italian Neo-realism school of film-making. He will always remain a bit of a hidden gem due mostly to the quiet nature of his films. 1,646 more words

DEUX JOURS, UNE NUIT / TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT (The Dardennes, 2014) - Try not to breathe

Two Days, One Night continues an abiding interest in female driven narratives which has marked many of the films directed by The Dardennes. Could we call Two Days, One Night the final part in a trilogy of films, started in 2008 with The Silence of Lorna and also including The Kid with a Bike, that depict women in crisis? 567 more words