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Noirish Project Blog: "What is Neorealism?"

We consider Noirish Project to be a work of neorealism. We define that as holding the length of the shot longer than is required, so that the viewer begins to perceive more than just the literal plot. 47 more words

Noirish Project

An introduction to Italian Neorealism: Depictions of post-war Italy

Italian Neorealism is a film movement that took place in post-war Italy.  When the country lost their studios and scenery filmmakers began to focus their stories in the impoverished streets of the villages affected by the war. 1,073 more words

Anything And Everything

Shoeshine (1946)

Background: Released in April, Shoeshine was only the second non-English film to win an Academy Award. (The first was the now-forgotten 1944 Swiss film Marie-Louise. 1,089 more words


Blog assignment #5 – Bazin and Bicycle Thieves, a discussion on the evolution of cinematic language

Post-war Italy, the poor, their struggle to survive; that is what it is all about in Bicycle Thieves, the 1948 Italian neorealist monument. Difficult to have a more close view on the life conditions of the majority of the Italian population at the time than the one offered by Vittorio De Sica; he wanted us to see it real, and it is a success.


What is neorealism?

A great video essay on aspects on classic cinema.

La macchina ammazzacattivi sau hai că-ți vin eu de hac! (1952, Roberto Rossellini)

Nu de puține ori mi s-a întâmplat să-i aud pe cei din jur rostind cu voce tare cum i-ar pedepsi pe cei care fac umbră pământului degeaba. 361 more words


Viaggio in Italia (Roberto Rossellini, 1954)

One significant way of revealing the characters’ interiority in Viaggio in Italia is through the inserts of documentary-like shots. Placed after a medium close-up of a character looking off-screen, these images re-produce the typical counter-shot and indicate the object(s) towards which the character’s look is directed.  537 more words