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Crazy days in Kathmandu

We had a fun and bizarre few days in Kathmandu – a completely bonkers and busy place.

Tons of traffic, everyone beeping their horns – you couldn’t sum up the place easily. 334 more words


Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal has some of the world’s most beautiful land features where there are mountains, high hills and many fast flowing rivers which makes Adventure Sports… 123 more words


Nepal: The Tutor of History (Book-from-every-country #57)

I love to get book recommendations from people who know a country better than I do. The Tutor of History by Manjushree Thapa was the recommendation of Elen at southasiabookblog… 598 more words


Heavy Heart on Horseback: My Pilgrimage Through Mustang

Mustang lies in the north-central part of Nepal, bordering Tibet (now sadly referred to as China).

The Kingdom of Mustang​ in Nepal​​, despite the connotation,​ has nothing to do with mustangs​!​ ​Mustangs are in fact, truly American, feral horses. 1,868 more words


JCA Prize 2014

The co-editors are pleased to announce the annual awards for the best paper and runner-up for articles published in 2013.

The judging panel awarded the Journal of Contemporary Asia Prize of $1,000, a letter of commendation and a complimentary 1-year subscription to the Journal to: 201 more words

Unsought advice: Packing list for the Annapurna Basecamp Trek

For those planning to do the Annapurna Basecamp Trek or something similar, here is our edited packing list. The most important thing to remember is that someone will have to carry all this stuff – the feeling of achievement will be bigger if you are that person. 370 more words

The Stars Are There Too

Apparently things are still up in the air.

The Nepalese government is having hearings or sessions or discussions or some such things, and I’m cooling my jets on political opinionism. 372 more words